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Better search for some tips on Google


The exact group of words or phrases : Let’s say you’re looking for Yahoo Messenger skin . Instead of just typing Yahoo Messenger skin in the Google search box, we will restrict the results of only those three words contain all contact. To do this, we put the words between the quotes.

For example: “Yahoo messenger skin”

Except words : Let’s say the words we want to do a content search marketing but sleep, excluded from the search results, the term advertising . In order to achieve this, we need to use the word before the “-” and you want it to be excluded from the result.

For example: “Internet marketing”, advertising

Tip: Again, search results can be exluse and top-level domains (end of domain name, such as roll-on, net, etc.). For example, if we look at network marketing but found that excluding the page. Ro-Ro and organization, using: “Network Marketing” – RO – COM – Organization

Search keywords on a particular website: If a website has its own search system, we can use Google to search within that site. This may be possible if you use the search website address and the main terms.

For example: “Public Hub” website:

Specific file types: If you want to find a certain type of file, you can do it in “filetype:”. For example, let’s look at the words ” Yahoo Messenger ” PowerPoint Presentation (PPT). To do this use the following search phrase:

For example: “Yahongtong” file type:. PPT

Alternative words and phrases : By default, when you make a search, Google will include all the terms in the search. If you are looking for the term “Internet Marketing”, but you want to replace the results with “online advertising” to do this, you can use the operation OR .

For example: “Internet Marketing” or “Online Advertising”

* The operation “or” must use uppercase letters (uppercase) to understand the search engine.

Search within a certain time : This feature helps to find events and activities that have taken a certain amount of time. For example, we want data between seismic activity and the 1900’s 2008. After the cuvatul key, use the carrier, interval: border 1900 .. 2008.


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