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Innovation! What new technologies have changed our lives in 2023?


The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. In the past year, technologies such as bicycle sharing and biometrics have changed our lives. What new changes will technology add to my life in 2023?

New Innovation technology in 2023

5G network put into use

As the fifth-generation mobile communication network, the 5G network has a peak theoretical transmission speed of tens of Gb per second, which is hundreds of times faster than that of the 4G network.

After June this year, China Unicom will conduct scale verification of 5G networks in more than 10 key cities including Beijing and Zhangjiakou, which indicates that 5G networks will be piloted in 2023.

Further development of biomedicine

In the United States, three gene therapies have been approved for marketing in 2017, two of which treat cancer and one to treat genetic diseases. Chinese scientists have also conducted clinical trials using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology to treat lung cancer. According to the British “New Scientist” weekly forecast, the test is expected to close in 2018. Industry insiders also predict that genetic editing combined with immunotherapy for cancer treatment is expected to enter clinical applications in the short term.

Dialogue platform, new way of human-computer interaction

“Conversation as a Platform” describes a new way of human-computer interaction – the future of human-computer interaction will transition from a graphical interface to a dialogue-interactive interface, which will be a new ecological environment. Users can describe and implement interactive services through dialogue. “Dialogue” plays three roles in the process of human-computer interaction: discovering information, obtaining information, and exchanging services.

The dialogue platform has the ability to handle different user queries and complex interactions. In the near future, these platforms will continue to evolve and evolve to handle more complex behaviors.

AR(biggest innovation technology) also needs to prove itself with “practical”

In 2018, AR augmented reality products will return to our vision. First of all, the practical application of AR will be more and more. For example, IKEA has developed an APP. When users scan their own rooms at home, they can see the furniture in the room on the screen.

Cloud service experience

The future will be a world based on cloud services. Users only need to have a networked device. Their documents, pictures, music, software, games, etc. can all be operated online. As long as the device can send and receive data and then display it. The screen shows that it is enough.With the advent of 5G technology, the experience of wireless networks will be greatly improved, and cloud applications will be better developed. For example, the “small program” launched by WeChat in recent days is actually a product based on the remote concept, and rumors that Alipay will also be launched. “Small programs”, this kind of light application that can be accessed everywhere will greatly improve the quality of our mobile life, and I believe that more cloud services will be available in the future.

Nuclear power technology – high temperature and low-temperature full force

China National Nuclear Corporation has officially released its own “Yanlong” swimming pool type low-temperature heating reactor in Beijing. According to estimates, a 400 MW “Yanlong” low-temperature heating reactor can cover a building area of ​​approximately 20 million square meters. Rice, equivalent to 200,000 three-bedroom families.At the same time, China’s self-developed fourth-generation nuclear power high-temperature gas-cooled reactor also came to the news, Shandong Rongcheng Shidaowan high-temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration project No. 2 reactor pressure vessel top cover buckle success. This means that China’s first world-class pebble bed modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactor commercial demonstration project has taken a big step.The high-temperature gas-cooled reactor technology is the fourth-generation nuclear power technology with complete independent intellectual property rights in China. It has the characteristics of safety, high localization rate of equipment, modular design to adapt to small and medium-sized power grids, and wide use. It has received extensive attention in the world.

Quantum computer

A Quantum computer is a computer that uses the principle of quantum coherent superposition and theoretically has ultra-fast parallel computing and simulation capabilities. Someone once made an analogy: If the speed of a traditional computer is now a bicycle, the speed of a quantum computer is like an aeroplane.

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