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7 Amazing Home Upgrades For Less


As the new year is approaching, most people are eager to make a list of resolutions. Some are embarking on a fitness journey, and a few want to change their current job for a more lucrative one, while others plan to sell their existing homes for a new one.

However, with the real estate markets still in a slump due to COVID-19, the option for selling houses is a bit blurry. In that case, people on a budget resort to upgrading their homes to make them more modern and luxurious. That, in turn, will increase its curb appeal and market value. As a homeowner, it is essential to maintain the home to keep it in a working condition. Therefore we have compiled a list of upgrades that will be within your budget.

The following are the seven fantastic home upgrades for less:

1. Refresh The House With Paint

Refreshing your house with a new color will add vibrance to your home and change the house’s entire look. Moreover, it is easy to pull off that requires less budget. That means you can easily paint your house all by yourself, without any professional assistance. You can choose from deep colors like maroon, mahogany, and brown to light colors like white, pale yellow, and grey. Paint every room in your home with the color and texture of your choice.

2. Install New Flooring

Floors set the center stage bold statement of your home. If you plan to upgrade your flooring, then you have multiple options. Vinyl and laminate flooring are the standard choices, while porcelain tiles and hardwood are the more expensive but long-lasting choices.

Firstly, you need to move the furniture and the fragile items before starting to renovate. The main reason behind this is that flooring requires much space to work with. Neglecting to remove the household items before installing floors can damage your belongings. The better option is to consider moving your things to an affordable storage unit to keep them safe. Once the renovation is complete, you can move them back into your house.

3. Upgrade Your Fixtures

Upgrading the fixtures is another fantastic home upgrade to consider. Be it the doorknobs, faucets, or locks, these fixtures come in cheap and are easy to install. On the other side, if you are not planning on purchasing new fixtures, you can paint them dark colors. Painting the fixtures will make them unique than before and increase their outlook. Giving the faucets 2-3 paint coats will save them from rust and leaks.

4. Window Treatments

Besides updating the fixtures, you can also upgrade the windows by adding shutters, blinds, or motorized curtains. Want to know the fun part? It does not require huge investment and struggles to make the windows look more appealing.

If you want to add texture to your window, install woven shades in Rattan or Bamboo as they give your home a rustic feel.

5. Lay Stylish Stair Runner

Stairs are an essential structure of the house, yet we neglect to decorate them. However, there are numerous ways to make your stairs more stylish and fabulous. Find and lay an elegant stair runner, and you are all set to put a great impression of your house on the visitors.

6. Add Crown Molding

The ceiling offers a wide range of opportunities to add an aesthetic and chic appeal to your house. Adding crown molding is one of these renovation projects that can improve the beautiful allure of your home. On the other side, adding the crown molding on walls will help you hide irregularities in the walls. The crown molding’s diverse options can help you find the perfect molding that fits best with your house.

7. Walk-In-Closet

It is finally the time to renew and upgrade the rooms by adding a walk-in closet. If your room is big, adding a walk-in closet will make it look more modern and stylish. Merely adding a vinyl-coated wire system and sliding door to the spare space can give you a decent walk-in closet for less.


Making upgrades for your house might seem challenging, and you will be overwhelmed by the amount of elbow grease it takes. But if you make smart choices and stick to your budget, you can certainly make your home look more elegant and appealing. The renovations will improve the standard of your living and enhance the market value of your home.


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