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Top Garage Improvements to Maximize Your Space


Garages, no matter how useful they are as a place to store cars, can often be an eyesore and a massive waste of space. An unimproved garage can lower your home’s value if you’re looking to sell and be an inconvenient, useless space if you’re planning on living in your home for many years to come. But there are a multitude of ways to improve your garage and bring new life to this dreary space in your home. Here are some of the best ways to improve your garage to maximize your space.

Install a New Garage Door

Some older houses still have heavy wooden garage doors that don’t have an opener installed and require that you open them manually. This is a massive annoyance in your everyday life and a major drawback to any home buyers who are looking at your home when you have it up for sale. Replace your old, heavy garage door with a lightweight, modern aluminium model and call a professional to perform a garage door opener installation. This simple improvement will change both your everyday life and the value of your home.

Insulate Your Garage

If you live where there’s extreme temperatures, hot or cold, insulating your garage is a must. Not only will it make it more comfortable for you when you’re going out to your car, the milder temperatures from your home’s air conditioning or heating will help protect your car as well. This will prevent your battery from freezing up due to cold weather or your car’s air from breaking down due to overuse. Insulating your garage door is also a good idea, since adding weatherproofing to the edges and bottom of the door will prevent drafts and keep leaves and other debris outside where they belong. For in depth details on the garage space you can follow this website revamp home goods

Install Efficient Storage

Many people use their garage space to store tools, sports equipment, bikes, and seasonal landscaping tools such as mowers and snow blowers. This is a good and effective use of the space, but a cluttered garage will make items more difficult to find and will send the wrong message to potential buyers. Installing a little shelving will go a long way, since you can then easily buy large plastic bins to store your various equipment and other items. There are a variety of inexpensive wire and plastic shelves available, both freestanding and easily installable. Your garage will instantly become less cluttered, and you will find yourself with more space to park or go about DIY projects.

Install a Finished Floor

Most garages are made of concrete, but just because they’re built that way doesn’t mean that it’s the best material for your garage flooring. Concrete is porous, meaning that it absorbs water, oil, and other liquids. This means that motor oil and winter slush can easily result in a stained garage floor. The easiest type of flooring to install in a garage is a simple epoxy finish – it will seal your concrete, preventing stains and cracks, and it looks good too.

Add Electrical Outlets

With the valuable space available in a garage for an extra freezer, a mini fridge, or just power tools, adding electrical outlets if you don’t already have them in your garage is a valuable decision to make. Most electricians will suggest waterproof outlets for your garage, with at least two per wall to ensure that you have one close by for every project. Not only will more electrical outlets be convenient, they will also make your garage safer – there’s far less of a risk of tripping over long extension cords or overloading a power strip if you have the optimal number of electrical outlets for your garage.


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