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An Exhaustive Guide On EV Charging


Ever since the great news of the installation of thousands of fast EV chargers on highways came out, Americans have been looking forward to charging their EVs in half or even less time. However, some are still confused about the kind of plugs these chargers may use. To put an end to this never-ending debate, this comprehensive guide will cover everything in detail about EV plugs and the future of charging. So, keep reading this guide to get an eagle-eye view of everything!

Types Of Plugs In Evs

When it comes to electric charging space, there are two main types of plugs that are widely used among popular manufacturers. NACS (North American Charging Standard) is a widely used charging plug that was developed by the supergiant Tesla. It is used in all the cars manufactured by the company.

The second popular type among the major manufacturers is CCS (Combined Charging System). However, many manufacturers are switching from CCS to NACS, enabling them to use the powerful network of Tesla with a plethora of fast chargers. With this access, they feel more confident to offer their clients a safe and quick space to charge the EVs.

The automobile manufacturers are offering adapters in their EVS to allow the Tesla chargers to deliver ample power to the vehicles with the CCS receptacles. In 2025, they expect to sell new cars that will be able to get power from the Tesla chargers without any adapters.

Why Are Established Automobile Manufacturers Switching To The Tesla NACS?

One of the major reasons for the switch is the availability of Tesla chargers and its widespread network. There are approximately 17000 superchargers by Tesla in the US, which offer ample power to charge the EV in a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, the charging network is available in areas where they don’t have CCS chargers. On top of this, several experts say that the chargers offered by Tesla are smaller, more reliable, and easier to handle than the CCS plugs.

Besides all this, the Tesla system automatically recognizes the model of the car and bills the owner’s credit card for the refueling. On the contrary, charging networks operated by other companies have different procedures when it comes to charging and billing.

Importance Of Charger Location

Well, charger location plays a vital role in charging. Due to the wide network of Tesla at critical points, it has been pretty popular among the masses. For example, you need to search for charging stations New York on the maps to find the stations in the region. Now, some established automobile manufacturers have joined hands to install 30,000 chargers in the US and Canada region that will support both CCS and NACS plugs.

What Is The Future Of The CCS?

CCS plugs can charge the EVs properly, and with proper adapters, these plugs can charge the car with a Tesla charger. However, the reverse is not true. Tesla chargers are limited to Tesla cars only. EVs with CCS pugs will stay on the road for a long time, so charging stations supporting both plugs will be required in the coming years.


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