5 Major Benefits of Having A Head Flashlight


There is no doubt that a flashlight is a very useful thing. No matter who you are or what you doing keeping a flashlight with you helps a lot in your everyday life. A flashlight can help you find your way when you walk down on a dark street. Moreover, law enforcement agencies also use flashlights as their jobs demand it. It can be very useful when you are going to a camp or hiking. It is one of the camping gears that you must have. Moreover, it can be used for self-defense too. Suppose, a thug attacks you then you can use it to hit the attacker or can use light to disorient him.

The flashlight is not a fancy thing that looks to be pretty but a useful one. Head flashlight is the same as a tactical flashlight but it has its own benefits that we are going to discuss in this article. If you want the powerful lights mounted on your head then take a look at its benefits below:

Your Hands Are Free

Probably, one of the best things about using a headlamp is that you can easily do things with your hands. That makes it one of the good flashlights for people who love to hike at night. Just imagine, while hiking you are left behind in the dark wilderness then this flashlight can come very handy. With normal tactical light, there are many situations you can drop your flashlight. What are you going to do when a carnivore tries to eat you? Then a headlamp can come handy to defend yourself. Moreover, it can also be used in many other conditions like in a storm when the power goes out. A headlamp can help you find your supplies and tools to repair the damage.

No Risk of Dropping

Another great benefit of the head-mounted flashlight is that there is no risk of dropping. The only way, you can drop your flashlight is when you fall on the ground purposefully but why did you do that. It is very ridiculous.

Tiring Out Your Arms

Moreover, as you are not lifting your flashlight with your hand, there is no chance of tiring out your hand. We know that modern flashlight is not very heavy but still carrying them can be tiring. With a head-mounted flashlight, there is no chance of your head tired unless you have a weak neck. But if you are not physically fit then you should not go to camping.

Shines the Light, Where You Go

As the headlamp mounted on your head, it drops the light where you move your head. You will never be in the dark when you have a flashlight mounted on your head. In the case of other flashlights, you have to point it where you want to look. Mounting a flashlight on your head, let other hikers think of you as a camping master.

Also works As A Normal Flashlight

Never forget that you can use the headlamp as a normal flashlight too. All you need to do is to unmount it from your head and hold it in your hand. That is the benefit of a headlamp that you get two kinds of flashlights at the price of one.

Pros and Cons of Head Mounted Flashlight


  • All of the head flashlights use rechargeable batteries which is very good. You do not need to buy any spare non-rechargeable batteries from the store.
  • It frees your hand to do other things.
  • Moreover, you never get tired of having a headlamp.
  • You can also carry it as a normal tactical flashlight by just unmounting it from your head.


  • There is not any zoom feature in headlamp like the other tactical flashlights.
  • At night when there are so many bugs, then the head flashlight can attract them and it can be very buggy for you. Anyhow, you can easily take it off from your head in such condition.
  • One of the cons of the headlamp is you can blind other people around you when standing close-by.
  • When you are in the forest looking for wildlife, it can tire your neck because you are turning it so much.


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