What is The Best Gaming Headset?


A large part of the playing experience is caused by immersion. This feature, which aims to make the player “forget” the world around and focus only on the game, is built in several ways: a captivating story, attention-grabbing graphics and, of course, their soundtrack.

To have the best experience possible, you must have quality hardware and accessories. Even though the importance of the sounds of a game is not new to anyone, it is worth noting the difference that a good headset for games does.

So, we’ve separated some tips for you to choose what is the best gaming headset for you. For Wireless Gaming Headset Reviews you can check out No Fluff Tech.

Check audio technology

The first thing to look at is the audio quality that the headset promises to deliver. Typically, you will find three different options: stereo, 5.1 surround sound, and 7.1 surrounds.

For the most demanding, the stereo sound does not deliver a satisfactory quality, especially when we talk about AAA games, which usually have soundtracks and full effects.

On Best Wireless Gaming Headset, the difference between 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound is not very noticeable. 5.1, the most popular and affordable model, has five audio channels, which has revolutionized the industry at its launch. 7.1 already has seven different channels, which makes the sound reproduced with this technology closer to the real one.

If you’re a detailed artist and want to make sure you get the best sound quality, bet on 7.1, as audio details will be clearer. However, if this is not one of your highest priorities, you can save money and choose a 5.1 that still delivers excellent quality.

Define your need

If you live in a noisy location, you will benefit from a noise-canceling headset. This way, you will be able to focus on the game, boosting the immersion and even facilitating communication with other players in your games.

The main disadvantage of this type of headset is the loss of sound quality. Closed-sound headphones can cause distortions in the audio and therefore deliver a slightly lower sound quality.

If you do not mind the noise around you, it’s worth investing in a handset with a clear sound. By allowing air to enter, the music gets closer to the “real” one, which results in higher audio quality.

Evaluate technical characteristics

You do not need to be an audio master, but it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the technical features of the headset and what it influences.

The first point to note is the power offered by the headset. This factor determines how high the audio of the handset can reach. While you can find suitable Best Wireless Gaming Headset with a power of 30 milliwatts, the most powerful can easily reach up to 150 milliwatts.

Equally important to power is sensitivity, which is defined by decibels. The sensitivity of the headset determines the maximum volume the audio can reach, and at this point, you need to be extra careful. Remember that too high volumes can cause permanent damage to your hearing!

Regardless of the sensitivity offered, always try to listen in at most 85 decibels.

The impedance is the characteristic responsible for the cancellation of the noise generated by the electric current. Good headphones have a minimum of 26 ohms – 32 more than enough.

Other important points

In addition to these key features, you need to look at other important points when choosing the right gaming headset for you. Check out:


If you are the type of gamer who stays playing for hours on end, it is extremely important to check the comfort when choosing a gamer headset. Give preference to options with adjustable and quality tiara, with cushions that guarantee greater comfort.

Wired or not? The choice between wired or wireless gamer headset is quite personal. Although the wireless option offers more mobility and reduces the number of wires in the PC, you have to keep an eye on the quality of the battery, with an excellent autonomy to play your sessions. Wired headphones tend to be more “reliable”, but not everyone likes to get stuck in a wire at the time of the game.


If you enjoy playing chat with other players, choose a gamer headset with a quality microphone. It is important that it has good sensitivity and noise cancellation, preventing its partners from being hampered by the noise of their environment.

Learning how to choose a gamer headset is important in order to raise the quality of your games. With the right option, the immersion deepens, and the experience only improves.


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