About The Encarta

Hello and Welcome to The Encarta, The biggest digital encyclopedia and library free for everyone.

Encarta means A Digital Encyclopedia. Our Inspiration is Encarta Microsoft. That was a great way to spread Education.But as Encarta will get no more updates we decided to create it.

About Our Goals

At The Encarta, our goal is to provide authentic and real news. Not Rumors no more fake news. we always confirm news from powerful and trusted Media centers. You can find the latest and breaking news about your interest

Despite of, If you still found any news that you think is fake or rumor you are very welcome to contact us. we will recheck it.

Our Second and real main goal is to promote learning. we have highly qualified persons to train students in their field. We think that no one can pay for education. It is priceless. So whenever you need to learn something just search for it in our learn section.

Our third purpose is to provide completely free access to every downloadable thing it could be Movies, Software, Songs, Books, Pdf Torrent files, or anything that you need.

So our fourth purpose is to give promos and coupons. Coupons are given by most of the companies but sometimes they couldn’t reach the customers and you can’t take advantage of great offers. So we are here to let you up to date with what is discounted in the market nowadays.

So Our blog section is the last one. This is where did we start. Our writers are great in their field we never hire someone who is not skilled in his field. Here we started ranking in search engines and creating a big subscribers list. We always post something different and really useful so you can read it here

You are always welcome to reach us Here you can Follow us