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10 Real Estate Marketing Tips

The real estate industry continues to rise at a rapid rate. This has made it quite challenging for newly emerging small and medium businesses to stand out in the marketplace. Thus, it goes without saying that an efficient marketing strategy is key to ensuring that your business gains optimal success. 

That being said, how can businesses build a marketing strategy for boosting sales? Firstly, you might want to consider looking for some primary local and online advertising tactics so that your business gains credibility and a strong online presence. Given below are 10 real estate marketing tips that help businesses gain visibility. 

1. Design a Website 

Just like any other business, a high-quality website can do wonders when it comes to building a strong online presence. Real estate agents must thus make it a habit to build an appealing website that leaves potential clients hooked into viewing the website. The easier the website is to go through, the easier it is for your clients to get to know your business more. 

From incorporating listings, adding contact information such as email address and phone number, and a brief bio are some of the elements that real estate agents must include on their websites. This will make it easier for your clients to reach out to you. 

2. Make Use of Business Cards 

One of the most indispensable factors that real estate agents should keep in mind is to distribute business cards to their prospective clients. Many real estate marketers are under the impression that only far-reaching marketing efforts can help grow their business. This isn’t entirely true. 

Most often, simple networking with potential customers surrounding your community can be an excellent strategy for lead generation. Distribute your business cards to people that you come across and even entrepreneurs around you. 

3. Create Authentic Content

People are more likely to do research online prior to investing in or selling a home. You can take this opportunity to offer adequate information to your potential customers so that they are more likely to get back to you. One of the best ways of providing information to your customers is by publishing relevant blogs and guides for first-time home buyers. 

4. Create Videos 

Almost every other real estate listing consists of photos. If you want to be a bit more unique to stand out, you can create real estate videos. Video walkthroughs are a great choice of marketing strategy that can help give people a very real experience of viewing a property virtually. Not only will you be flexing your listings but will also help you build trust among your customers by showing them the extra lengths you’re willing to go for them. Platforms like InVideo can help you create appealing videos to lure your target audience into hearing you out. 

5. Create a Strong Social Media Presence 

Social Media is one of the greatest tools that businesses of all industries are using for marketing their services and products. It gives real estate agents a real chance at deeply connecting with their customers and further sharing about your business with them. Make the best use of popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and so on, to share videos, photos, and guides of properties. 

6. Get in Touch With Your Email List 

Email marketing is an efficient and easy way of advertising your services. It isn’t solely about gathering email addresses to promote your services. Rather, it is an excellent approach towards building stronger relationships with your clients. 

7. Collaborate with Local Businesses 

Over a plethora of businesses are involved in catering to those individuals that are searching for a new home. Some of these businesses may be mortgage brokers, movers, and even improvement companies. Partnering with such companies is an imperative way of building your visibility. 

8. Host Webinars 

A useful real estate marketing strategy that can be beneficial in the long run is to host webinars. Webinars play a fundamental role in educating your prospective clients on your services. They are short guides for potential home sellers and buyers and are quite the catch when it comes to increasing your reach. 

9. Invest in Hiring a Real Estate Photographer 

In the real estate industry, photos play a crucial role in marketing your properties. Thus, investing in a real estate photographer is a very feasible decision you can make. Make sure that you do thorough research before hiring a photographer who can capture potential interior shots of your properties. 

10. Try Out Remarketing 

It’s very common for individuals to research properties online before they potentially move. Remarketing is an outstanding technique that you can make use of to address the individuals that have already gone through your listings previously. This is a smart way to lure their attention into investing in your services. 

Bottom Line 

An effective real estate marketing plan involves comprehensive research and a set of top-notch strategies that work towards building your brand’s credibility and visibility. There is absolutely no need to think out of the box when it comes to planning out your marketing strategies. With basic and easy tips, you can seamlessly grab the attention of your potential customers and further build your network as a whole. These were some of the most beneficial real estate marketing tips that may come in handy in your real estate journey.

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To Buy Or To Hire: Is It Better To Hire Equipment?

There is a new building in the block every time one looks around, and none of these skyscrapers looks the same. With every new dawn, architecture and construction are reaching greater heights in Australia. The construction industry here generates a whopping $360 billion revenue. The ever-increasing demands to meet the building of high-rises require tools and machinery to meet their success.


One might notice men at work using crane hire in Perth. The fact is that it is possible to construct all these modern, magnificent buildings only with the help of such tools. Modern cranes are made after incorporating the most sophisticated mechanisms and features that improve the construction. Thanks to these machines, heavy loads or transporting them is not a problem anymore.


It is not easy to buy a crane in Australia, mainly because it is an expensive business. Besides, maintaining it incurs considerable expenses too. So what is one to do? How does one navigate through the hassles of maintaining and storing such large machines at a minimum cost? All these limitations have no place when it comes to crane hire in Perth.

Read on to find out more about why one should seriously consider crane rentals.


Any business decision comes with the onus of giving the highest priority to cost. One should go for the best alternative that cuts costs but does not compromise on quality. Hiring cranes are much cheaper when compared to purchasing new ones. Additionally, users do not have to pay any upkeep costs either. Most rental agencies offer insurance that covers the expenses in case any problem arises.


Considering how much it would cost to buy a construction-grade crane, why would anyone want to buy one? This is a question that most people who take advantage of the benefits of rentals ask. It is a considerable capital investment for machinery that has limited utility. The money spent towards this could instead serve other more vital purchases or upgrades. These purchases may have more value in terms of general utility. So it is only wise to make this smart choice.


Reputed rental agencies will offer a wide range of types of cranes for their clients that can work in any surface or weather conditions. Hence, based on the need of the hour, one can hire the most appropriate one for the job. This decision will ensure successful outcomes and better results.


When one hires a crane, there is no need for an operator in most cases as the agencies provide the talent necessary to manoeuvre the vehicle. In other words, one hires the operator along with the crane. Consider the extra efforts and costs one can save in not looking for professional hands. Some agencies also provide a supervisor or point of contact along with the crane. Their pay is included in the total fixed cost.


If there are multiple projects at different sites happening simultaneously, the mobility of today’s cranes will come in handy. They can go anywhere, even places where some other standard construction equipment may face difficulty. It will be on wheels, making it easy to move the crane from one place to the next.


To sum up, without the use of cranes, developing today’s eye-catching buildings would be only a dream. The various types available and their beneficial features make every plan a reality. Hiring it provides the opportunity to use quality equipment at a lower cost.

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Strategies for Successfully Managing Multiple Rental Properties

Being a landlord to multiple rental properties is one of the simplest ways to earn a living and build long-term wealth. Although, managing multiple rental real estates by yourself can be an ordeal, and the challenges you face along the way can discourage you.

The success of your investment real estate largely depends on adequate property management. If you decide you’ll manage your rental buildings on your own, you need to have the necessary experience and resources and understand how to avoid mistakes to ensure an uncomplicated investment. Here are some tips to help you manage multiple rental real estates like an expert realtor.

Screen your tenants

Every landlord wishes to have nice tenants who can take care of the real estate as if it were their own. Once you have them, your work will become a walk in the park. However, finding responsible and honest tenants can take a while, which is why it’s always a wise idea to screen your tenants.

There are a lot of red flags you should worry about, and although you can never be completely certain about your picks, you’re still more likely to end up with good tenants if you screen them before making a leasing contract. After all, irresponsible tenants can cost you more than a single rent or two, so it’s completely understandable that you need to know quite a few details about your potential tenants.

Prioritize organization

When you manage multiple real estates, you can’t afford being disorganized. Misplaced paperwork can lead to big financial consequences and set you up for catastrophe down the road. From invoices and rental applications to inspection checklists and leases, property investors tend to have a quite big number of documents to keep together for even a single real estate. When it comes to multiple rentals, it becomes a matter of survival to incorporate an organizational system for your business.

Every landlord has their own filing system they utilize to keep the paperwork organized. Some decide to organize by real estate, while others prefer to file paperwork by the tenant. Some even develop a per-month-per-building filling system. Search for something that works for you and stick with it.

manage multiple real estates

Software solutions

Take strata property, for instance. The concept came into existence 50 years ago, and by now, there are more than 270,000 such schemes encompassing more than two million individual lots across Australia. A strata scheme is a type of ownership, where a building or a collection of them has been separated into multiple ‘lots’ (individual apartments/units).

This is where programs like Rockend’s reliable property management software can work as a successful strategy for managing multiple rental real estates. They offer extensive auditing to monitor user activity for meetings, transactions and corporations, besides acting as a robust platform, ensuring minimum downtime for your business. While their database structure enables easy navigation between multiple entities.

Keep up with the maintenance

Real estate investors require a system in place to keep their rental real estate in pristine conditions and ensure that they always deal with repairs and maintenance problems as soon as they happen. If there is a lot of work involved, you can consider hiring a full-time handyman to deal with these issues. In addition, when managing multiple rental real estates by yourself, you need to have access to other contractors such as an air conditioning company, a great plumber, an electrician and a roofer.

Remember that maintenance and repairs can be much more than you anticipated when you manage multiple rental real estates. Every time you evict a tenant, you will be responsible for making the building rentable again, for instance, by repairing and cleaning it up. This also means you won’t receive any rental income during that period.


Even with innovative technologies being ever-present, a real estate manager still has to visit the building that is being managed. This can show management presence and offer the opportunity to speak directly with your tenants to ensure all parties are satisfied. Many careless real estate owners fail to realize that their listening ear and presence would aid in resolving problems as well as address issues at a quicker rate with the personal touch compared to being an absentee realtor.

Managing multiple rental real estates can be an arduous task, but by using the available resources around you, you might just be able to manage it. These resources include proper organization, the utilization of technology, increased visibility, performing maintenance and screening the tenants.