3 Top Latest Gadgets News For Everyone


The latest technology news is getting more and more exciting, and it seems that we are about to turn into cyborgs anytime soon. We are exaggerating here, of course. However, the fact that new gadgets are appearing on a regular basis can’t be denied. Today we are going to reveal the latest gadgets news so that you can introduce them into your life and make it a lot easier. One more thing, if you want to keep up with the best tech news, we suggest you check 4Promedia once in a while!

Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

We are used to all sorts of computers these days, so this article is not going to be about computer technology. We are going to start your review with a gadget that is a little bit more than a clock. The truth is that the smart clock from Lenovo comes with a google assistant that not only tells time but also charges other devices such as your phone. It is not that type of tech that is going to stream your favorite videos from its screen, but it will ensure that you are never late since aside from the alarm, the screen brightens up just before it goes off. There is little chance you will miss it!

Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug

It would be old-fashioned information if we said that most of the people hated it when the drink in their cup went cold. However, science does not stand still, and a suitable solution has been found. Now, you can get yourself the latest technological miracle named temperature control mug that will keep your tea or coffee warm for an hour. The news state that you can control the temperature that fits you right using your Bluetooth app. It is time we say ‘Hi!’ to the future!

Nanoleaf Modular Light Panels

There are many technological updates that deserve your attention however we chose those that are all the rage on the popular tech sites. To keep it short – everyone loves the unique interior décor pieces that suit personal styles and preferences. The Nanoleaf Light Panel is what we have in mind. You can hang the panel anywhere you like, and the most peculiar thing about is that you can control both the colors as well as the shape. So that no matter when it is Hindi or modernism that you are into, the panel will fit your home seamlessly. It should be added that the color palette is super impressive and adaptable. There are various modes to choose from so that your panel can adapt to the music that plays or replicate the sun that is rising by getting brighter as it gets lighter in the room. Lastly, there are triangular panels that you can get now, but the company is about to release hexagon-shaped ones too in the near future.

These are just the pit of the most amazing tech news iceberg that you should know about, there is plenty more at 4Promedia!

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