How to take screenshot on mac [Shortcut keys]


Many people search for ways of taking screenshots in Mac…it is very simple to take screen shot in PC(windows) but Mac has no special button to take screenshots.

So here we are providing you a few ways by which you can easily take screenshots on Mac.

screenshot on mac

1..Command+shift+3: full-screen screenshot, save the screenshot to the desktop

2. Command+shift+4: screenshot of the selected area of ​​the mouse, save the screenshot to the desktop

3. Command+shift+4+Space (space bar): Screenshot of the program window. After pressing this group of shortcut keys, a camera-like icon will appear. Then use the mouse to click a left mouse button on a window and take a screenshot of a window. . In the above screenshot, the image is saved on the desktop by default.

Extended function: After

pressing Command+shift+4, draw a grabbed area, do not release the mouse, then:

  1. Hold this space to move this area
  2. Hold down Shift and drag the X or Y axis to drag
  3. Press and hold the Option to zoom in according to the centre of the area.
    Finally, all screenshots will be displayed directly on the desktop.

Restore the picture:

For the picture that has been edited, if you want to restore the previous appearance, in the state of previewing the picture, click the file in the top line of the screen → Restore to → Browse all versions, then click Restore, the default is saved.

Mac image location after screenshot

The files generated by the default screenshot of the MAC system are all saved on the desktop.

1. change the location of the save method:

Open “Terminal” (Application – “Utilities” and enter the following command: (USERNAME is replaced with your username)

Defaultswritecom. apple.screen capture location /Users/USERNAME/Documents//Users/USERNAME/Documents

(Documents is the file save path you want to set. If you don’t like to put it in “Documents”, you can set it yourself.)

2, restore the system’s default settings

Open Terminal (Applications -> Utilities) and enter the following command:

Defaults delete com. apple.screen capture location

If the desktop can’t find the wrong shortcuts, it’s the “shift” “command” and “3” keys. Let’s try it.


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