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Memorial Plaques 101: How Do You Want to Be Remembered?


Memorial plaques are used to symbolise the resting spot of a loved one, and choosing the right kind of plaque would best commemorate their life. Losing a loved one is already a painful experience, but choosing a plaque to immortalise your love and respect for them should not be an additional burden.

Here are some answers to frequently used questions regarding plaques.

What kind of material to use

The first step to choosing a memorial plaque should be the material it is made of, as that would determine how long your memorial plaque would last.

Plaques are usually attached to a wall, stone, or other vertical surfaces, but considering if it should be placed indoors or outdoors would help you decide on a suitable plaque.

  • Brass plaque

Brass and bronze plaques are often mistaken for each other as they may look identical. However, brass plaques are less durable than bronze as they comprise a mixture of copper and zinc. Brass plaques are usually used indoors, and they give an archetypal impression.

  • Bronze plaque

Bronze plaques are one of the most common Memorial plaques people opt for as they are durable enough to withstand different weather conditions.

Additionally, compared to other kinds of plaques, bronze is low maintenance. Environmental factors do not affect the quality of bronze, even as bronze oxidises. You will never have to worry about seeing your memorial plaque with rust throughout the years, unlike iron or steel.

  • Stainless steel plaque

Like bronze plaques, stainless steel plaques are long-lasting. As long as it is premium-quality, you can have a durable memorial plaque with a modern touch.

Which shape and size to get

Now that you know what material better fits your preferences, the second step is to choose and determine the shape and size of your plaque before deciding what to engrave on it. There are several shapes you could choose your plaque to be. Below are some of the basics.

  • Circle

Circle-shaped plaques are perfect if you intend to keep a minimalist design as it gives you a small space for manuscripts.

  • Oval

Unlike circle-shaped plaques, this type of plaque can contain more lines. Furthermore, oval-shaped plaques are by far the most aesthetically pleasing plaque shape among the rest.

  • Rectangle

Rectangular-shaped plaques are the most common shape people opt for as they may give you extra space the oval-shaped plaques do not provide. With this shape, you can have longer snippets (and even pictures) inscribed on your plaque.

  • Squares

Square-shaped plaques, like the rectangular-shaped plaques, also provide generous space for texts but are considered a more modern option.

What message to engrave

The last and probably the most emotional step in choosing a memorial plaque is deciding what to engrave on your plaque. This crucial step should be mindfully thought over as what you imprint on the memorial plaque would be immortalised.

Memorable quotes, religious passages, and other significant words that honour the deceased are usually engraved on a memorial plaque. To be more personalised, you can choose to have these words inscribed with an image representation.

Moreover, if the colour of your memorial plaque is dark, make sure to choose a lighter shade of colour impressed on your plaque and vice versa.

As an additional tip, choosing a memorial plaque with a lifetime guarantee would come in handy for the years to come.


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