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Trending 25 Digital Marketing Topics For Research Writing


Digital marketing is a modern profession that appeared immediately after the internet. It is a new area where everyone needs advertising, and the marketing rules change all the time. If you want to be in the trend of all novelties, you must follow a lot of research and try your own experiments on audience engagement. This kind of work requires you to run forward quickly.

So if you choose such a way and study digital marketing, you need to do a lot of research for scores and your own needs. If you ever thought that it is good to ask someone to write your research papers with the help of professional services like WriteMyPaperHub, you are one of those people who can’t get in time with this incredible temp of incoming information.

To be ready to write a good research paper, let’s try to gather the majority of topics that you can have as a task.

  1. Artificial intelligence technology for analyzing customers’ behaviour. It is maybe the strongest instrument for analyzing. It needs data and strict requests, but if you give both of these two things, the result will be perfect.
  2. Gender and age structure of product buyers (choose food, cars, apartments, etc.). Knowing structure, you will understand how to sell to the chosen group of people. It is impossible to build a strategy without this information.
  3. Private life and aggressive marketing. Is it work? Some people agree to let aggressive advertising into their lives, but others do not. You need to answer how to compare these two parts of promotion and use only the positive effects of such kind of marketing.
  4. Questions of ethics using personal data. Are you happy to get emails or calls from the companies you didn’t give contacts to? What is the plan? Never give personal information and pass an important message. Where is this brink?
  5. The relevance of impulsing buying. Researching about common prices and common products of impulsive buying. Deciding if your product is suitable or not for this product group.
  6. The rising level of specialities in social media marketing. SMM is a separate direction of digital marketing. Find out how it affects sales and how many people from the marketing department must work in SMM.
  7. Brands and names. Meaning and impact. What should be the first brand or quality? How to choose the right name for your product? What associations will it have for customers?
  8. International sales like Black Friday and their influence on sales. We can’t ignore the fact of such sales, but as a seller, we can take part or not in this free marketing instrument.
  9. Season sales. How much in advance do you need to start a marketing company? All products have seasonal sales. It concerns B2B B2C and C2C segments. Even energy and water are among them. This topic tells how to manage it.
  10. Coupons and special announcements. Are they necessary for a successful company? One more instrument for sales. Is it good for your products? When is it right to use it? For whom does it work and for whom not?
  11. Explicit and implicit segmentation of customers. As a big concern, you can produce the same product with different positioning. When is it necessary, and when it works? Do you need segmentation or can ignore it? Try to develop a topic to answer these questions.
  12. Brand substitutes and brand exclusives. Aggressive positioning as a unique thing or showing product as a cheaper or more quality substitute. You need to understand it before you start to write the marketing plan.
  13. Trends of modern loyalty programs. Research a lot of variants of loyalty programs and try to explain why this one is the best.
  14. For what groups of customers, telemarketing is a resource of information? Telemarketing seems like an old-forgotten instrument, but it is wrong. Discover customers and find out the products they need.
  15. Promotions and promotional prices for new products. Do they attract or repel buyers? It is a good idea to start with low prices and then raise them? Research famous examples.
  16. How does relationship marketing work? Try to explain the rules of relationship marketing and how it influences the whole brand.
  17. Marketing strategies. How to make the right choice? Common topic about general knowledge. It is perfect for adding examples that show every strategy.
  18. Baby products and child product marketing. Selling to parents is another kind of marketing. It works in another way than when you buy for yourself.
  19. Selling in B2B segments. Business selling. The direction where a person doesn’t pay their own money. How to intrigue the buyer?
  20. Social media marketing is one source of customers. What will happen if you choose only one source? Is it possible nowadays?
  21. New brand and marketing entry strategy. How to blow up the market with a new product if it is not Tesla? Try to analyze the strategies famous brands use.
  22. Comparing internet marketing with offline marketing. Try to find out what is more effective nowadays for different groups of people and regions.
  23. Replication of famous marketing companies. Is it enough to be successful? Try to analyze the whole process not only the marketing strategy and decide what is necessary for your product.
  24. Products for pets. How to sell to those who can’t pay? How to prove to the person that the food is tasty for the dog?
  25. Is the marketing department necessary for a small company? Good and bad aspects. If the director chooses a marketing strategy, is it necessary to hire a marketing specialist from the start?

Answering these questions, you will be ready to do brilliant research writing to any digital marketing topic.


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