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How can you hide the list of friends on Facebook?


For users Facebook protection of privacy it has always been a priority, regularly updated so that Facebook’s privacy settings two personal accounts and public pages. In some cases, however, changing privacy settings can cause confusion between users, such as when they can access certain settings.Which identified the most difficult privacy settings, the ability to provide users with a hidden (or change the audience) list of contacts (friends). If you want to hide on Facebook buddy list from prying eyes, you do not know how to do this, you can enter this setting follow the steps below.How to hide in Facebook contact/buddy list?And updated by the user making ( state si upload ),Facebook offers the possibility to choose for their visible(the audience) a buddy list available options, public (any Facebook user can access to friends list) Friends (only your friends list the access list) I am the only user (only a problem of access to friends list), and personal Tailor(users have more to choose from, including friends of friends or a particular person ). To change your friend list’s privacy settings, please follow these instructions:

  • Connect to your Facebook personal account and go to the timeline and click on the tab. Friends (AS cover photo )
  • Click the Edit button to display the button on the right to find friends (yes, friends list above), and then select Edit privacy.
  • Then click the drop-down menu that appears to the right buddy list, select the desired privacy settings (listed companies, friends, only me or custom), then click the button to close.
  • And ready. Follow these instructions, you can hide friends list , or change its visibility depending on your preferences.
  • Thats it…now no one can see your friend list on Facebook..


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