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Why do you need followers and likes on Instagram?


Many people have repeatedly thought about the need to open their own business in the well-known and popular Instagram program worldwide. This service was more entertaining from the very beginning – users shared their real life, exposed videos, and photos published posts. But over time, Instagram has also become an advertising platform where you can earn substantial financial funds. Today, to attract the maximum target audience, it is necessary to develop something unusual, something that other bloggers do not have. Of course, you can buy instagram followers, but over time, these people will be passive subscribers, but you need development. Therefore, we have prepared some tips that will help you develop your Instagram profile.

What are actions better to do regarding your Instagram?

For an account in a social network to develop, it is necessary to provide it with the maximum income. Here we are talking about:

  • Likes;
  • Subscribers;
  • Views;

What do you need to do to get more likes?

A request to put a like, a promise to tell more for a certain number of likes-they work. Some people are infuriated by such posts, but it works, especially if you don’t abuse it.

What else can you do to make likes more active?

Pay for likes

Among those who like the posts, there are already bloggers who give out cash prizes. One user is selected randomly, and the declared (usually not very large) amount is sent to his card.

Of course, you need to tell your subscribers that now they can get a little rich on their likes. How sincere such sympathies are is a question. But it is pretty sufficient motivation.

Raffle prizes for likes

You can distribute several small prizes, for example, a book or a decoration, among people who liked your post. The gift does not have to be expensive; the main thing is that people see that you played what you promised and sent to the winner. In this case, next time, people will treat you with more confidence.

Like time

Like time is an action on Instagram in which people like each other. The terms of the promotion are approximately as follows (I am writing on behalf of a blogger):

“I’M calling A BREAK! You put likes on my last 3 posts and write in the comments, “I want likes!”. The next commentator logs into your account, puts likes on 3 of your posts, and writes his “I want likes” in a separate comment. The next commentator puts likes on three of his posts and so on. And we all get a lot of likes! You can participate and write comments as much as you want!”. What could be better than free instagram likes.

Of course, such activity decorates statistics, but it is entirely artificial.

Create cool content

This is still the most reliable, although the most challenging way. People are emotional. And if you do something cool, unusual that will cause emotions and make you say: “WOOOOOW!” – you will collect your likes. Create unique content, and even the most principled greedies will be generous with likes.

I hope that now you have become a little clearer about the situation with likes on Instagram. In my opinion, the main thing is still the same things: work on the content and remember that you communicate with people on Instagram. Be sincere, do not spare the likes yourself, build a warm and trusting relationship with subscribers, and then everything will be fine with the statistics.


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