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How to Effectively Use Instagram In-Built Analytics Tools


A good business owner knows that a website and an online presence is of utmost importance. They also invest a considerable portion of their marketing budget on making a good website and promoting it. Which are the best social media platforms to promote your business? Your choice would depend on factors like the target audience and location. It is wise to start promoting content on all the platforms and then focus on the one that gets maximum engagement and conversions.

Instagram and Facebook are at the forefront for all online marketing strategies. Their inbuilt tools help even individual vendors to optimize their marketing skills. Since both these social media platforms are owned by Facebook, Inc, they have similar tools. However because of the nature of blogging on Instagram, business owners prefer to use this social media platform more for creating engagement.

What are the inbuilt tools that you can use to optimize your Instagram account as a vendor? To use the analytics tools you’d first need to switch over to a business account. Do this from the account tab on the settings page and select Switch to Business Account. If you know how to delete Instagram account, you can even start another one as a business account with a clean slate. Here’s what you can do with a business account!

  1. Follower analytics

This is the most important section of the entire analytics process. Doing an analysis for your followers helps you understand your target audience better. Switching to a business account gives you access to the analytics tools on the platform.

The demographic analysis of your followers helps you engage them better. You’ll be able to customize your content according to what your followers want to see. Here’s how.

  • Location – You’ll know where most of your followers are from. You can make a list of their holidays and upload relevant content. You would also know their preferences and social habits through their location. This tool is really great to schedule your posts according to the different time zones to maximize engagement too.
  • Age – Tailor your content according to the needs of your followers. If you have a majority of teens on your page then refrain from posting profane content. Your content would be tailored and scheduled according to their time too.
  • Gender – while this may not matter for most brands, apparel companies benefit a lot from this. You can target one gender more than the other.

Follower analysis tool also shows you the hours that your followers are most active. If he posts engages a high level of traffic within the first fifteen minutes, the Instagram algorithm increases the reach.

  1. Content analytics

The analytics tools help you know which type of content is bringing in the engagement. Your followers engage with your content by liking and commenting on your posts. The number of likes on your post is an indication of how much your followers are interacting with your content. Your comments section has actual comments from your followers and you can interact first hand with them. Accounts that drop comments show a greater interest in your account and it’s a good idea to engage better with them, for example, by replying.

Impressions and reach are lesser known parameters that the analytics tool supplies, though just as important. Impressions are the number of times your post has been viewed and reach is the number of accounts that have had the post on their feeds. Your impressions on your post may be more than your reach because it may have been viewed multiple times by the same accounts.

The built-in analytics tools combine the engagement, impressions and likes and give you an exhaustive report showing which posts have got you the maximum success. You’ll know what works for you and can strategize better.

  1. Profile analytics

After going through the stats for followers and content engagement, you can have a look at the overall profile success. Combining the data from all three parameters can help you conceptualize a marketing strategy that boosts your business.

You can go through the trends of follower growth, traffic diverted to the website and profile views. A business account gives you the option of including the link to your website right on your profile. This increases your profile views too. Knowing the right stats can help you convert more followers into customers.

The greatest indication that your Instagram strategy has worked is when you see a steady boost in business revenue. With this social media platform, you have the option of putting up sponsored ads as well as free posts. Either way, you’ll see a growth in engagement with the right strategy!


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