How to block the presence of Facebook chat/message notifications


A functional website Facebook that users of this social network I love and hate the same notice to see where vigilance send private information ( Facebook chat or message ) if they do not read . While the characteristics of those who send messages useful to those who received such a message is likely to prevent this notice for any reason (or no time to respond in a timely manner or who do not want to send a message, a find that it has been read, etc.), Thus, the message that is read out is no longer displayed.

Desiree Facebook not allow the user to disable this function in the network is provided, there are ways by which the user can block notification see read message is displayed, such methods use the extended Facesnoop or Facebook chat privacy of Google Chrome.

Facesnoop prevents Facebook and who sends messages to see if they have read it (although users can read the installation extensions they receive, it prevents Facebook from checking if the message was read before the message, so it doesn’t show the user seeing the notification). In addition, the extension is active after installation without having to restart the browser.

Facebook chat privacy Facesnoop expansion project, such a blockade, in addition to seeing the notification and state ” are typing when” Display users reply to messages.

Download Facesnoop (Chrome Extension) .

Download Facebook’s chat privacy (Chrome extension) .

Note: The Facesnoop and Facebook Chat Privacy Extensions are only available for your Chrome browser. If you have access to Facebook from another browser or other device after installing one of the two extensions, the notification will show you reading the received message.

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