How to upgrade Android


With the upgrading of the system, I believe that many netizens are very interested in the upgrade of the Android system, and here it is generally upgraded by brushing the machine, it seems that it is uncomfortable without brushing. Android system upgrade can download the official upgrade package on the computer, or online upgrade. Downloading the upgrade package is best to download the official upgrade package, here Theencarta will come to demonstrate how to upgrade the Android system.

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How to upgrade Android

If the upgraded system version number is higher than the current version number, it belongs to the incremental upgrade, and will not delete the data in the original system, so you can rest assured to upgrade;

The first step: first download the upgrade package of Android 2.3.4;

Step 2: Put the downloaded data file into the root directory of the internal storage space (not the SD card);

Step 3: After upgrading the Android system, you need to restart the system. After restarting, you need to press the VolumeUp and Power buttons to enter the Bootloader.

Step 4: Use the Volume button to select [recovery], then press the Power button to confirm;

Step 5: After seeing the triangle on the screen, you need to press the Power button and then press the VolumeUp button. At this time, you will be able to see a list of options. Select the first step to download. The file can be updated;

It should be noted that the Android system upgrade process needs to last for several minutes, please keep sufficient power;

The above is a tutorial on how to upgrade the Android system, I hope to help everyone.


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