Will Win10 reset this computer to delete files from other disks?


In daily life, the computer is already an indispensable item, but in daily use, the computer may have a system abnormality. If there is a system abnormality, if you do not want to reinstall the system , choose to reset this computer. Very practical choice. Then Win10 reset this computer will delete the files of other disks? Let’s take a look.

If the computer is not working properly, resetting this computer may resolve the issue. When restoring, you can choose to keep your personal files or delete your personal files and then reinstall Windows. For this problem, it is actually simple. You can see the “Reset this computer” function in Win10’s “Settings” – “Update and Security” – “Recovery”.

As can be seen from the description, Win10 resets the computer, there are 2 options, one is “retain personal files”, the other is “delete personal files”, the difference between the two is as follows.

 1. Keep personal documents

  If you choose to keep the personal file, it will only reset the system disk (C drive), only the installed software program will be lost. In addition to the system disk, other disk files will remain.

2, delete personal files

If you choose to delete a personal file, it will be equivalent to the system disk and other disks will be formatted, select this, other disk things will be lost. This data is not suitable for other discs, such as the computer to be sold or given to others, do not want to leave what they have stored before.

Therefore, if Win10 resets this computer, it will delete the other disk. It depends on how you choose. If you want to keep the files of other disks, you can choose “Keep personal files”. If you want to empty the entire computer files, Then select “Delete personal files”, so that you understand.

What is the difference between Win10 resetting this computer and reinstalling the system?

Since resetting this computer and reinstalling the system is similar, there is still a difference between the two. First of all, reset this computer can be completed directly in the Win10 settings; and reinstalling the system is more troublesome, not only need to prepare a USB flash drive, but also need to make a boot USB flash drive, in addition to download Win10 system image.

In addition, after Win10 resets this computer, as long as your system is activated before, the Internet will be activated automatically after resetting the computer; after reinstalling the system, the system needs to be reactivated, if you have forgotten the Win10 activation code before, or before Activation by some activation tools requires reactivation.

In addition, resetting this computer allows you to choose whether to keep the files, but the reinstallation system is similar, but if you do not need to keep the files of other disks, you need to manually format the other disks. Obviously, resetting this computer is more convenient than installing the system, and there is no need to worry about system activation. However, resetting this computer can only solve small problems. If the computer is unable to enter the system, it still needs to be solved by reinstalling the system.

The above is the entire content of Win10 reset this computer will delete the files of other disks, I hope to help you.


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