Advantages of Laptop Over Desktop Computer


What exactly are the advantages of Laptop Over Desktop computer? As a laptop enthusiast, I’ve gone through the process of changing from using PCs to using laptops. So today I’m going to present some of the advantages that you’ll enjoy once you use your laptop.


Laptops are very portable because of their compact dimensions. They can be carried from one location to the next in a case carrying or a backpack. This makes them an extremely practical device to carry around even when you travel. There is no need to fret about delays when submitting your reports to the office or sending important files from your device since you can use laptops to do this while travelling. 2-in-1 laptops are more suitable for every situation. You can find a lot of 2-in-1 laptops on

However, desktop computers are huge sizes and comprise a variety of components. Although it is possible to transport desktop computers from one location one place to another whole process can be quite cumbersome. They’re specifically made to work in one location instead of continually shifting from one location to another.

Power usage:

Laptops consume less power than desktop computers based on their smaller components which require less power to operate. Laptops also have batteries which means there’s no loss of work due to fluctuating power levels or the accidental closing down of the system. When it comes to laptop computers on desktops, electrical fluctuations could create a risk of losing your work files if they aren’t properly saved.

Dimensions & Weight:

The laptop is equipped with the same components as desktops do however, they weigh just 2-3 kilograms which makes it easy to carry it in one hand. Desktop computers are well-known for their bulky design and it is difficult to carry them with both hands. Laptops are smaller than desktops and can even keep them in the most crowded areas.

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