Is Whatsapp Plus safe for use?


Whatsapp Plus is not another messaging app, it’s just an APK of WhatsApp with the Modded stylesheet.

Whatsapp Plus is not another messaging app, it’s just an APK of WhatsApp with a Modded stylesheet.

It’s a modified version of WhatsApp with many wonderful features which do not exist in WhatsApp.

So before we go to any conclusion on the safe of using WhatsApp Plus. Let’s have a look at a few best features of it.

WhatsApp Plus Privacy

Whatsapp plus comes up with many privacy features which help users to use the application with more comfort.

  1. Hide online status
  2. Increase the number of letters in status
  3. Hide writing and second tick
  4. Hide recording status
  5. Hide view status

WhatsApp Plus Media And File Sharing

Similar to WhatsApp, you can share documents, audio and video files with increased sizes up to 5 fold. You can send any file up to 50 MB in size.

Now we will come to our main concern.. many people ask this question.. is it safe to use WhatsApp plus.

Is Whatsapp Plus safe for use?

As we know it is a third-party application so people are always concerned about using it. It’s similar to another WhatsApp version like GB WhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp.

If I go with a negative point then I can say it is not available on the Play Store and is now owned by a known organization so there may be a chance of losing privacy.

WhatsApp Plus server works as a mediator between the original WhatsApp and you. So whatever you share with others will go through WhatsApp Plus and they can be monitored by them.

But if you want to use more features then you can use WhatsApp Plus. You can give it a try and if you feel it breaching your security then you can uninstall any time.


If you are already using WhatsApp then better to check how to use WhatsApp Plus. You may need to backup so your chat history will not lost.

And again it’s up to you, whether you want more features and concern about privacy.


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