How Do Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises Choose Virtual Hosts?


A virtual host is a small portion of virtual disk capacity that is partitioned by the software on the server hard disk and generally serves small and medium-sized websites.

The virtual host is a necessary tool for the website. The website needs to be uploaded to the virtual host through ftp, and the domain name can be resolved to the virtual host ip, and the website can be accessed.

Here we will talks about how small and medium-sized enterprises choose virtual hosts.

1. Disk capacity

A virtual host is a small part of a server. It is classified according to the size of the capacity. Under normal circumstances, the capacity required to make a website does not exceed 600M. Therefore, when selecting the size of the host disk, you must ask whether the virtual host disk can be increased. If it is not enough, you can expand the disk. To choose the size of the disk according to the size of your website, don’t waste space and waste money.

2. The location of the machine room

The virtual host is divided into a domestic virtual host and an overseas virtual host, while the domestic virtual host and the computer room are all set in India and the overseas virtual host is mainly set abroad. If your website access user is mainly domestic, then Theencarta suggests that you use indian virtual host or a domestic virtual host.

3. After sales service

After-sales service is especially important for users. If there is a problem with the website, then the first time I think of the host to solve the problem, if the host is good, the technology is excellent, then the problem can be solved in the first time.

4. Speed

Under normal circumstances, the speed of the domestic host is faster than that of the foreign host. Because the distance between the computer room is close, but the domestic host has a single line and a double line, so there is often a delay or a slow opening of the website.

The above is the key point of choosing a virtual host, I hope to help you. If you want to know more about web hosting, please contact our online manual consulting customer service, we provide you with a truly unlimited flow of web hosting, we look forward to your visit.

How to choose the right virtual host

Virtual hosting costs are low, no need for cumbersome environment configuration, and it is one of the suitable choices for novices to build websites, small websites, and blogs. There are a variety of virtual hosts on the market, such as Linux hosts, windows hosts, java hosts, all-purpose hosts, php hosts, ajax hosts, domestic hosts, US hosts, etc., which is dazzling. It is impossible to choose a difficult household.

First, choose according to the programming language you want to deploy.

Before you buy a virtual host, you are sure about the program you are deploying. The most commonly used server-side languages ​​may be PHP, ASP/ASP.NET, or JAVA, depending on the server language, choose a different virtual host system. The most suitable virtual host for the PHP language program should be the linux host + mysql database. Of course, you can also use the Windows host + access / MySQL database, at least exclude the Java host.

ASP/ASP.NET language programs can only choose a WINDOWS host, and to support ASP/ASP.NET, the database uses MySQL.

The JAVA language program selects the JAVA host, and the database MySQL/MySQL is optional.

Note: Note the version number provided by the virtual host system environment when selecting a virtual host.

Second, do you need ICP filing?

If the target customer is located in the country and the virtual host is to be placed in the country, ICP registration is required, and vice versa.

If you can’t/do not need to file, choose an overseas virtual host such as a Hong Kong host, a US host, and vice versa.

Third, flow or line selection

Determine the above two points, and select the traffic or line, this is the choice for domestic hosts, the line has telecommunications, dual line, BGP, etc., according to their own needs. The traffic is selected according to its estimated traffic, and it is the highest point estimated so that the super traffic is shut down.

Fourth, space requirements

The space choice of the virtual host, from tens of M to a few G, or even infinite space, according to their own needs.

Five, sharing and exclusive IP

Most domestic hosts will not be assigned separate IPs, but they can also be purchased separately.

The benefits of independent IP: domain names can be directly resolved to independent IP, you can directly use IP to access the website, you can achieve pan-domain binding, reduce the probability of IP being blocked, and be protected from attacks: from other illegal blocked or attacked websites Influence, etc.

Six other factors

Other factors, the price of the virtual host, the stability of the virtual host system, the service provider that provides the virtual host, whether to provide free filing, and so on. According to your budget and needs, you can choose a virtual host at the right price. Considering the stability, you can choose some well-known service providers’ products.

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