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If you work in the website development and marketing industry, you definitely need the best Google keyword rank checker, something like A good keyword tracking tool is not just a tool that can track keywords but perform all the relevant actions connected with website ranking:

  • Rank monitoring of competitors` websites and report generation on keywords and keyword clusters used by them;
  • Constant monitoring of your website rankings on all devices in selected locations;
  • Keyword grouping;
  • And other tasks connected with everything related to the website visibility online.

If these are the features you expect a good Google keyword ranking tool to have, is an option for you. This is not only one of the best website keyword checkers but it provides all the functions needed to make your website rank in the first position in any popular engine. Moreover, it collects all the data in real-time mode, not XML, as some other trackers do. Hence, you will be getting the most actual information based on which you can make really relevant decisions.

Reasons to Select the Best Tracking Tool

SpySERP is a checker that you need to select if you need to monitor your page or website on a daily basis. It will perform the checks of the websites of your competitors to determine which improvements can you do in your case to make your website appear in the first positions in Google, Bingo, Yahoo or any other popular search engine.

The SERP tracker will perform the frequency check of keywords to determine if it is optimal for SEO purposes. You can group your keywords, each word, into clusters, and create a semantic core to see the relevant lexical units that would possibly influence your PageRank. SpySERP can do it within seconds, it can arrange thousands of words based on their relevance.

Keyword finder works not only in your location. You can set up your Serps to find keywords for a particular location, for example, the UK or France, or any other country. , it also allows you to monitor your web site ranking in the country you need. Yes, ranking might look different on a PC and on a mobile device. As well, it might significantly differ in different locations. with Serp, however, you can make your website rank very high in the locations you need.

If you are in doubt whether this is the tool you would like to use, try it for free to see how it works and which options are available. During a trial period, you can check how it works, whether its functions are convenient and good enough for you, and similar. And only after that, after you have made sure that it would be useful, you can get a paid version of SpySERP. You can select different payment options: per month, per 3 months, 6 months or even one year. The longer the period is the more is the discount.


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