App That Helps You With Your Homework


Homework assignments for students are really demanding. Students spend hours doing assignments because it has become the culture in learning institutions these days. To deal with the pressure and stress emanating from these assignments, many students look for help from homework service companies. These services are packed with professionals specialized in different kinds of writing including essay writing, speech writing, and thesis writing and so on.

As technology continues to evolve, we have seen the rise of homework services apps that have become very instrumental for students. Less time and effort is now being used to handle assignments because most of these apps are making work a lot easier for them. Students can use these apps to plan their homework and do it. Here are 4 best homework service apps for Android that students can use.

1.   RefME

Available for free, the RefME app is useful for creating citation from the sources used in writing an assignment. By picking the barcode of the book, the app is able to create the citation in the desired format and that includes Chicago, MLA among other styles used in your school. The app uses the phone camera to capture the barcode. After doing your speech writing assignment and have made references to certain sources, this app will help you create references for the same.

2.   Google Drive

This is yet another free app available on the Android platform and is very useful when doing assignments. To protect your work from loss, Google Drive allows you to save and keep all the documents online. That way, you don’t have to be worried should your laptop crash. To keep doing your speech writing from different devices, you can always access it from Google Drive and make it happen. Also, you will be able to work offline and engage with your climates on the same document.

3.   Evernote

Students can now capture memos and notes in any format and that includes a web clip of a service or product review needed for reference. Other formats include business receipt photos, handwritten notes, and audio files and among others. If you have jotted down a few points in your speech writing, you can make use of this app to capture them to help you in the actual writing process. It is good for planning and making reference for your ideas.

4.   SimpleMind

SimpleMind is an app available for free on the Android platform. It is helpful in creating mind maps and in organizing thoughts, recall things and come up with new concept and ideas for your writing. Writing requires organized ideas in order to enhance flow and coherence throughout the process. The ability to do that leads to good quality writing and saves time on the part of the writer when competing against the deadline. This is the app to use when you want to remember what you are writing about.

Final Thoughts

Learning today has become a lot better, thanks to the invention and development of technology tools for academic use. Android apps are now making it easy for students to gather notes, plan their work and edit their work. Doing assignments has never been this easy before especially with the rise of writing companies such as Assigment Geek services. Instead of stressing yourself with all these assignments, use apps to have an easy time tackling them.


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