History of C++ and reasons why it is so popular


For those who don’t know a lot about C++, it is one of the most preferred general purpose object-oriented programming languages that has been serving from decades. This language was developed in Bell laboratories in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. A lot of people don’t know that c++ was originally incepted as C and later known as C with classes after the extension of data type classes in the programming language. C with classes eventually become C++ as the ++ operator denotes the increment in C by 1. There are a lot of tutorials available and one can easily take c++ classes online.

With the combination of some elements from low-level programming languages like memory management and high-level features, C++ is considered as a mid-level programming language featuring best of both levels. Before developing your own programs, you need to know a bit more about this language due to its complex architecture. No need to worry because it is one of the easiest languages to learn and implement. Here are some of the reasons why c++is very popular

C++ is Flexible

C++ is a language that offers multi-paradigm coding. It means that it supports the style of procedural programming with the addition of an object-oriented approach. This multiple paradigms allows a programmer to intercept a task in different ways and came up with different solutions for the same. These paradigms can also be combined for more efficient programming and results. If you have taken c ++ classes online, you will understand the different approaches and problem-solving ability of this language better.

C++ Excels at Delivering Performance

Even though this language is used for multiple industrial requirements, it particularly excels in delivering performance and using the resources efficiently. Its interface allows a user to take control of the system and write a program that is quicker and more powerful than the existing one in any other language. A lot of models are already integrated with this language making it easier for you to perform wide erase of action with a single line of code.

C++ requires time to learn But Rewards Investment

Due to its complex architecture, it will take you while to get hold of this language but it will be one of the greatest investment of your time and resources in a programming language. Having a good command over c language opens a wide spectrum of job opportunities for fresher and experienced programmers. C++ programs require a huge amount of coding and that’s why companies are always hiring c programmers. Due to the excessive popularity of this language, new job opportunities and requirements are always rising in the modern technology market.

C++ Job Opportunities

As per a survey, c++ is the sixth most commonly used programming language. This easily justifies the fact that a huge number of companies and programmers relies on this language for building complex and industrially oriented applications. You can always take c++ classes online or consult with experts at coding ninjas to nurture your abilities in c++.


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