5 super easy to use Python development tools


If you want to learn Python, you should not only learn the basics and tutorials, but also familiarize yourself with the various tools of Python to make you grow quickly at work! There are a lot of excellent developers and predecessors, which provide us with a good python tool to help us more convenient development ideas, the following small U will share 5 easy to use python development tools!

Tool An Anaconda

This tool is used to solve various package management and version problems encountered during Python development. In order to solve the problem that many Windows platform installation packages are not working properly, you must have Anoconda, which includes a package management tool and a Python management environment. And the commonly used data science package is the standard for data analysis!

Tool 2 Skulpt

This tool implements an online Python execution environment in Javascript, which makes it easy to run Python code in a browser. Using the CodeMirror editor is similar to a basic online Python editing & running environment.

Tool three Python Tutor

This tool is a free educational tool developed by Philip Guo. It is suitable for Python white. It can help Xiaobai solve some basic obstacles in programming learning, and help Xiaobai understand every line of source code in the computer during program execution. process.

Most of them are used by teachers or students, but also for Python white. You can write Python code directly in a web browser. You can copy code that doesn’t know how to run it in memory to Tutor for visual execution. theencarta has a solid grasp of the foundation.

Tool IV IPython

This tool is a Python interactive interpreter for Humans. It is very powerful, it supports automatic auto-completion, automatic indentation, bash shell commands, many built-in utility functions and functions, and it is also scientific and interactive. The best platform.

It also has the following features:

Stronger interactive shell (Qt-based terminal)A browser-based notepad, support code, plain text, math formulas, built-in charts and other rich mediasupport interactive data visualization and graphical interface toolsflexible, embedable interpreter loaded intoEasy to use inany one of your own projects,high performance tools for parallel computing

Tool Five Jupyter Notebook

Look at the name to know about Notebook. This tool is like a draft, which can store text annotations, mathematical equations, code and visualizations, and then render it as a web. There are necessary tools for students who need data analysis and machine learning.

The above five super easy to use python development tools, you can search on the Internet by name, or you can reply in the comments.


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