Apps Every Women Must Have On Their Phone in 2023



Our lives were made so much easier when smartphones entered the scene. Can you imagine actually going to the bank to solve your issues? Opening up your laptop to scroll on Instagram? No, not really. There are plentiful highly useful apps both for Android and iOS, and in this article, we will discuss the most beneficial ones for the ladies.

While these will not belong to the same category, they are definitely for you. These are the top-tier choices for any woman, based on their reviews and user count. They will make your life more convenient, save you up a bunch of time, and overall make you even more badass. Sounds good? Hop into the article.


If you are an individual blessed with the ability to have a period once almost exactly every month, this app is for you. It will do all the necessary tracking for you, which will solve all of your wonderings, possible anxiety, and explain why you are getting HANGRY or craving crazy amounts of chocolate at 2:00 AM.

This one is especially recommended by those in the health industry and will be particularly handy to your Gynecologist and/or Obstetrician( that’s the one for the pregnant gals). They can measure how healthy your menstrual cycle is, notice any changes that occur in it, and understand more about your reproductive abilities if you are into that.

The app also bolsters various useful features, such as the ability to keep a “Mood Diary” during these times, remind you to take your Birth Control, head for your yearly doctor’s check-in, and so much more. There is a column with articles covering women’s health, which is quite interesting as well. It will essentially turn you into a pro-period haver. Is that a thing?


Are you always scratching these to-do lists on the go in your native smartphone app, and then forgetting about them or ending up losing them altogether? No more. This is an app that’s completely dedicated to helping you cross each and every single part of your plan for today, tomorrow, next week, and whenever you need it.

There are many good apps for this purpose, but in our opinion, this is the king one for all the queens out there. It’s free, elegant, and easy to use. Need to know more? It has been around for many years as of 2021, and they just keep going at it, with new functionality and features added on a regular basis.

They have dashboards for all kinds of projects, templates for various lists, and we could go on and on, but let us do you a favor. Head straight to App Store or Google Play, and hit the download button. You will definitely not regret that.

Girly Games

I know, we could all use our time just a little better, and some consider video games a waste of time, yada yada. But sometimes you just want to have a little fun and relax, especially if you happen to be riding a long way on the bus or train after a grueling workday. And hey, statistics show that you are not alone. More than 40% Americans and 90%(!!!) Japanese female smartphone users spend at least twenty minutes a day playing.

Love Nikki Dress Up Queen

If you are out of touch with your friends, or simply are not in the mood for a girl’s night out, this game is a perfect replacement for that. You get to be the personal stylist of Nikki, with a lovely storyline and adorable anime-leaning graphics. You can also compete against other players, style her house (and pets!), and even win prizes if you get on top of a special event. If you would like to explore more games for your phone, check out an article about new mobile games for women at


A busy woman in the year of twenty-twenty one doesn’t have too much time to read and for sure search for her favorite news, especially if she is on the go or prefers multiple sources of information. With Flipboard, you can automatically clip your favorite news magazines, be it the New York Times, Washington Post, or any other major (or niche) newspaper.

It will take into account all of your subscriptions, and offer you all the content you are paying for in a more comfortable fashion. It’s the best app to organize all of your preferred content in one single place, as well as find new outlets for your interests. You will also the choice to change the visuals of the text, compare two or more articles at the same time, and even fact-check certain not-so-solid “news”. If you want to learn how to do that, read this post by NPR.


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