Why Hire a Professional to Assemble Your IKEA Furniture?


Shopping at IKEA is fun, you get to walk around the store, pick out the pieces you love and then pick them up from the warehouse and take them home! Before you even get home, you probably have a whole plan in mind for where you want to put your new IKEA furniture, but the dread sets in, when you realize you have to assemble it all before it can look like it did in the store.

IKEA furniture is notorious for being hard to assemble. Some people avoid shopping at IKEA altogether because assembling everything is such a disaster! But you don’t actually have to assemble it yourself. There are people who can do it for you! You can easily hire a Handyman NYC, or a local handyman in your area, to come to assemble all of the furniture for you! There are several benefits of hiring a handyman to tackle this job for you, in this post we’re going to be going over the top 5!

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Assemble Your IKEA Furniture

If you’re on the fence about hiring a handyman to assemble your IKEA furniture for you, wondering if it’s worth it or should you just toughen it out and do it yourself? Well, these 5 benefits might help you decide!

  1. It saves time

    There aren’t any clocks or windows in IKEA stores, so you don’t realize how much time you’re spending inside, their instructions follow the same theme. No matter how many times you’ve tried to put together the simplest IKEA furniture, you might find that it takes hours to read through the overly complicated instructions to figure out what exactly you’re supposed to do! This either leads to people leaving the assembly to go deal with other appointments they might’ve had, or miss them entirely. Having a handyman do it for you, will take far less time and you won’t have to miss out on anything else that day!

  2. The furniture won’t get damaged

    If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, chances are you’re doing to check out each piece that came in the box time and time again until you figure out where it’s supposed to go. As you do that, it’s possible that you might damage the pieces, and we all know how easily some IKEA furniture pieces break! Unless you have the instructions down, it’s not worth the risk to do it yourself!

  3. They won’t use the “trial and error” method

    Handymen are usually experts at reading instructions and understanding what they need to do. They’ll be able to get it right the first time they try! If you try to do it yourself, it is possible you end up attaching one piece the wrong way, and have to take the whole thing apart, which isn’t just frustrating, it may also ruin some of the pieces that go together, since the furniture isn’t really meant to be taken apart and put back together!
  4. It’s safer

    Nothing is scarier than an entire BILLY Bookcase falling on you while you’re trying to assemble it. Furniture pieces that are on the bigger side, need to be assembled in the perfect way to make sure that everything is balanced. If you’re not 100% sure you can manage that on your own, it’s best to hand over the job to a professional.

  5. No need to search for the missing pieces

    One of the most frustrating things that can happen while you’re assembling IKEA furniture, is when you realize the one bolt that ties everything together, is missing. You could reach out to IKEA to get a replacement, but that might take weeks, and in the meantime, you’ll just have unassembled furniture, with papers and boxes everywhere! Handymen usually keep spares of the most popular IKEA furniture pieces with them, so even if you end up with the box that doesn’t have all the pieces, it won’t affect the assembly!

    There’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t go with a professional to assemble your IKEA furniture for you. It’s quick, easy, painless and you don’t have to do any of the work yourself and still get your brand new furniture all assembled and ready to be styled!

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