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Importance of PPC Campaign for Your SEO Success


An online business can quickly fall by the wayside due to a lack of consistent traffic. SEO and PPC are two approaches to traffic generation. They are different yet so similar. Businesses might use either one of them or both in conjunction for brand building and driving leads and sales.

SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimization, is all about stuffing your website with the right content in the right proportions to make it rank higher on search engines. Simply put, it’s a set of strategies to place your website where your buyers are looking for what you offer. As any digital marketing agency in India will tell you, SEO’s focus is on enticing traffic organically.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. Here, you bid for a place on the search engine’s sponsored links for specific keywords. Your advert would feature on the search page when users search for your products or services. You pay the search engine only if a user clicks on your advert or calls your business. As evident as it is, it’s a marketing ploy for buying more qualified traffic.

Why does PPC Matter, if at all?

PPC is a perfect fit for all businesses, big or small.

  • It’s an effective strategy to improve click-through rates and lead generation. After all, you are visible exactly where buyers are looking for your offerings.
  • From brand exposure and data collection to retargeting and sales, all business goals are well supported. Also, it’s compatible with virtually any other marketing strategy.
  • Getting SERPs through organic means might take months or even years. PPC is the way to go should you need instant results. Place the advert and expect leads right away.
  • PPC is easy to set up, monitor and manage. The outcomes can be measured versus your objectives. If the campaign fails, it can be tweaked and re-launched quickly.
  • Even a failed PPC campaign can generate enough data to sharpen up your marketing strategy. You get access to organic keywords that convert. These are otherwise hidden.
  • PPC is perhaps the most targeted approach to reach out to genuine buyers. Feel free to optimize the campaign to a group of people based on age, interests, location, and more.

PPC is easy to execute but shouldn’t be treated as a DIY project. A seamless and profitable PPC campaign requires expert knowledge of whom to target when to target and where to target. It’s advisable to rope in a PPC Companyto manage the campaign and keep you profitable.

PPC and SEO are two different ways to achieve similar business objectives. Guess what? They are also compatible with each other and work better when used in tandem. Here’s why.

1. More Visibility, More Impact:

PPC places you on the paid slot, right at the top of organic rankings. The searcher sees you before moving into organic results. On the other hand, SEO lets you achieve an organic ranking on the first page. If the user skips your advert, he again comes across your organic listing when scrolling down. As such, the chances of him clicking on one of your links run high. Together, SEO and PPC, thus, help increase click-through rates, customer engagement and sales.

2. Better Targeting for Better SEO:

PPC is your entryway to loads of marketing data that your digital marketing agency in India can use to create well-targeted SEO strategies. You get access to total clicks, conversions, and more performance information for each keyword. Keyword planners and other useful tools are also readily available for targeting keywords, locating audiences and analyzing the competition. Imagine how well-rounded your SEO would pan out with all the data and tools at your disposal.

3. Top of Mind Awareness for Marketing Gains:

The overarching goal of marketing is to create top-of-mind awareness. The combination of SEO and PPC drives just that. PPC brings users to your landing page where they interact with your brand. At times, they stay there and buy from you. At times, they just leave. Even in the latter case, they’ll remember your brand when searching for similar offerings any time later. Then, the chances of them preferring you over your competitor increase manifolds. Coupled with a strong SEO, your brand could be the first in users’ mind when they think of a given industry.

4. Vocal for Local:

Buyers are showing more inclination towards local brands, more so post-pandemic. Think with Google (2019) report suggests a staggering 250% growth in “store open near me” searches and 200% growth in “near me” searches. Your PPC Company places you right in the thick of the action, attracting loads of local searches. On the other hand, local SEO involves listing your business in Google My Business listings and garnering organic rankings. Even if the local searcher skips the PPC advert and Google My Business listings, he’d find you in the organic listings.


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