How To Change the Tick Speed in Minecraft?


Change the game speed to change how fast ticks pass in Minecraft. For example, setting game speed to 2 will make items and mobs tick twice as fast as normal. This is a simple way of reducing lag in Minecraft by increasing the pace at which everything happens on your screen.

In order to increase or decrease the tick speed of Minecraft, players must access the game files. This can be done by opening the launcher, selecting “Launch options” and inputting the following code:

-speed XX (replace XX with the desired tick speed).

For example, if you want to set the tick speed to 2x, you would input -speed 2. If you want to set it to 8x, input -speed 8.

This change is not permanent and will revert to default value after restarting the Minecraft launcher. If you want this value to be applied every time you launch the game, use a command instead of changing speed via launcher options. To do so, type in one of the following commands into the chat window:

/tickingtime X (replace X with desired tick speed)

/tickingtime off

/tickingtime on

The tickingtime command can also be used to toggle the tick speed between the game’s default value and the value that has been set using the launcher. 

Please note that depending on your computer specs, increasing the tick speed may result in choppy gameplay. If this is the case, try reducing the speed back to the game’s default value or even lower.

In Minecraft, the tick speed is how fast time passes in the game. This setting can be changed to make things happen faster or slower in-game. Players can access this setting by changing the launch options for Minecraft through their launcher.


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