How To Solve Nonograms


Nonograms are among the oldest and most exciting puzzles around. Nonograms are also known as griddles, Hanjie, cross numbers, or picture cross. This puzzle number game originated in Japan. But what exactly is Nonogram and how can you play it? Well, let’s find out.

What is a Nonogram?

A nonogram is typically a grid-based puzzle number game that is solved by coloring in squares in the grid according to instructions given. Once the player has finished coloring, they will end up with an image. It can be an image of anything, including an animal, flower, etc.

There is no doubt that a nonogram puzzle is a very fun game and mind-teasing too. So if you are looking for a game that can help put your mind in good shape, you should opt for a nonogram.

How to solve Nonogram

For you to successfully solve a nonogram puzzle, you need to consider each column and row separately with a line approach. All the solved lines store data about the potential colours of a particular cell. This means that your PC or mobile device will not have to derive the information from the calculated matrix.

Another popular technique used to solve nonograms is the priority queue data structure. This is where every element might have a priority linked with them. This way, high priority cells, especially the longer ones, will be solved at the start.

There are various approaches that can be used to solve a nonogram. When it comes to choosing the right technique to solve this number game, players need to ensure that they choose the right technique that they understand so that they can successfully solve the puzzle and end up with a perfect picture.

When playing a nonogram puzzle, one thing you need to have in mind is that the game involves identifying cells to fill and cells to leave empty. Unfortunately, you cannot achieve this through guesswork. That can mess up your progress. While guessing can make you progress on the game, you will only realize much later that what you have been doing all along isn’t what you should do. This means that you will have to start the game all over again. In the end, you shall have wasted your effort and time. This can be very frustrating and annoying.

The more you identify the spaces, you more you will be able to spot hints like unveiling a block of boxes to continue the spread. You can cross or mark cells once you have determined if they should be filled or shouldn’t be filled. Remember to start with simple nonogram puzzles that can be solved easily by following column/row reasoning. This will allow you to identify as many boxes as possible.

Lastly, as you continue to play nonograms, you can explore other advanced methods for solving nonograms that require reasoning and extensive thinking. These methods are definitely mind-teasing and will leave you feeling refreshed once you have solved your nonogram.


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