Why guest posting really works?


Gone are the days when the only way of marketing a product and establishing your brand was through traditional ways like referrals, broadcasting and printing. We have come a long way. An era of social media marketing and internet ads has begun. Today, modern marketing methods have taken over the ancient techniques.

This is where guest posting and SEO come in the picture. Guest posting has become a prevalent trend and is an important inbound strategy for online marketing success.

Finding the right website

The things you desire from guest posting are authority, qualified traffic, material links, driven leads and sales in your business. But as there is always a certain way of nailing a task, there is a correct way of approaching the websites.

Always do your research and analyze all the guest blogging opportunities and pick the most beneficial and promising one. You can make this selection by evaluating which site fits your content the best. You should offer something unique which hasn’t been found before to engage more audience. A few things to keep in mind while choosing the right site are:

• It should be trustworthy and relevant.

• The content should be curated.

• The content should be reviewed before being posted.

• Anchor tags should be moderated in a natural way. They shouldn’t be abused for personal promotion.

Some tools that are designed to help you evaluate a site are:

SEMrush: This can be used to determine estimates of traffic backlink profile.

Backlink checker: This lets you scan and identify the referring domains of different sites, which are usually backlinks.

Guest posting
Given below is a fair idea of the guest posting mechanism:

* Find the target site

* Get your post ready

It is not necessary for the initial draft to be the final post.

* Send your pitch

This step is very crucial as it breaks or makes the deal, so you have to be very attentive while pitching your post. Prepare a detailed outline.

* Write your guest post

Write a unique post highlighting all your research in a way which is appealing to the readers as well as the editors.

* Follow-up

Blog owners prefer a follow-up, usually after one week.

Why guest posting is successful

1. Builds new connections
It enables you to connect with influential editors and bloggers which can be helpful in terms of forming links. This extends your personal network. These connections can lead to lasting relationships which let you become a part of different communities where you can receive insightful and useful feedback from other contributors. Their input helps you develop and refine your strategies.

You can find bloggers email address and urge them to accept your guest post. How to find bloggers Emails are the most effective means of business communication. Thus, it would be great if you write to bloggers and ask for collaboration via emails. For this purpose, you will need a specific tool, an email finder. Such tools work well on any website searching for email addresses; you can choose the necessary ones and add them to your prospects list.

2. Instills authority
These connections let you establish your expertise and build credibility. This helps you spread influence and increase your value, which lets you interact with more readers.

3. Backlinks
Since your efforts are not really rewarded by any monetary compensation, the least these sites can do is feature your link along with the content. Backlinks are #1 signal for Google to rank a page on its Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

4. Enhances your portfolio
You can boost your freelance writing portfolios through guest posting.

5. Provides exposure
Growth is essential in any field. Guest posting offers you exposure to expand your knowledge and break into new niches. It also inculcates flexibility by demonstrating changing requirements with different target audience.

6. Good for SEO
Do you ever wonder when you type something into the search engine, what factor determines the order of the list of contents that comes up? That is what the job of SEO is. It makes your content more discoverable and indexable to different search engines like Google and Bing. You should make sure there is no spamming with links to irrelevant sites.

7. Collaborations
A survey suggested that blogs with multiple writers seem more authentic. Since modern online marketing is all about authenticity, this could accelerate lead generation. You can always leverage authorship.
Cross promotion, interviews and seeking partnership stimulates social media reach and makes your content more share-worthy. This kind of tactic wins audience and turns them into active and loyal subscribers.

8. Sharpens content marketing skills
You are able to understand the synchronization of the flow of how things work which is mainly- content research, adopting the right writing voice for specific audience and performing influencer outreach.

At the end of the day, there is one ground rule you must never forget. Your focus should always be on the audience, and not the product (or you). You should create great and relevant blogs with quality content, regularly updating useful information aligning to the interests of your audience. Your aim should be educating, informing and adding value to the target audience.

A survey was conducted and the changes brought about by guest posting were recorded. These are the results you can expect by adopting guest posting as a means of modern marketing.


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