How to crack the wifi password


Sometimes we find that there is a wifi network, but do not know the password, how to crack the wifi password with a notebook ? After obtaining the password, the phone can also be used. Of course, cracking someone else’s password is not ethical, and occasionally there are urgent things to use. Users will also enhance password security by modifying their own passwords.

Method / step

Step 1: Directly log in to the official website of “wifi universal key” and download “wifi universal key PC version” from its homepage to download.

Step 2: Next we need to open the “Wifi Switch” in the notebook, and press the “Fn+F5(wifi)” key combination to enable the wifi hotspot operation.

Step 3: Then run the “wifi universal key PC” program, click the “brush” button in the main interface of the program, the program will automatically search the surrounding wifi network.

Step 4: When there is wifi hotspot information around, it will be listed, click on the “wifi hotspot” to be connected, click the “Auto Connect” button from the pop-up extended menu, and the program will try to complete the connection by cracking. operating.

Step 5: When the above method cannot be successfully connected to the “wifi hotspot”, then we need to use the “one-click query master key” button to achieve a more advanced crack operation.

Step 6: During the cracking process, if the pop-up request to install the mobile terminal client prompts, follow the requirements. Connect the phone to the computer, then click the “One button to check the master key” button again, and install the “wifi master key” to the phone.

Step 7: Then in the pop-up window, check the “wifi hotspot” to be cracked, and click the “Start Waste” button to perform deep cracking.


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