Sites Like Groupon

Since its launch in November 2008, Groupon has been making millions of dollars at an unprecedented rate. This has led to a “revolution in daily deal” situation where a number of similar sites have sprung up trying to replicate the success of sites like Groupon.

With well over a hundred million subscribers, Groupon is the largest of the daily deal websites around. The number of Groupon like sites being opened is estimated to be at least a hundred per day. These websites sell or market discount coupons for national or local businesses deals for travel, various products, and services. There are many sites that offer specific deals for cities including those sites which operate in just one city.

Understand Groupon And Use Online Sites For Business Promotion

With the rapid changes that place in the way people use the World Wide Web, many businesses have switched over to new methods of offering discounts to their customers.

The Internet has become a reliable and fast communicative tool available to all. The presence of Facebook and Twitter complete the effectiveness in a simpler and cost-effective way.

With the growing popularity of e-commerce, one could see the emergence of online sites like Groupon in the vast online industry.

What did we understand by deal sites like Groupon?

  • The name ‘Groupon’ is derived from the words ‘Group’ and ‘Coupon’.
  • It is built for the purpose of offering ‘deals’ on local establishments using coupons.
  • Basically, Groupon is an amalgamation of several ‘deal sites’ in the area of e-commerce.
  • The term Groupon refers to an industry leader of websites in online businesses.

The growth of numerous ‘deal sites’.

In general, the deal sites work by offering structured deals with the local businesses with a unique reduction of price level of many commodities. In general, such deals are offered to customers who buy products and services using the online method.

Cascading growth for Groupon

  • These deal sites are linked to discount sites like Groupon which has over 150 million subscribers around the world.
  • With more sited linked every day, Groupon has become an industry leader in dealing with discounts to many products and services in all parts of the world.

The idea behind the online sites like Groupon

  • Businesses survive on profits from the continuous sale of products or services.
  • Continued sales depend on the larger volume of sales.
  • Unless people are attracted there can not be a sale in larger volumes.
  • Discount coupons by online work as a perfect tool by providing a large lead to sales.

Hence the online discounts are offered by the Sites Like Groupon are attractive and seems to be an effective tool in promoting the products or services with ease. The system offers a great advantage to both the vendors, online marketers as well as the customers at large.

How the sites like Groupon works for dentists?

Let us see an example of how the discount sites like Groupon work in favor of dentists in the service sector.

  • Dentists may offer his services like tooth cleaning or whitening which generally costs few dollars to perform in the normal course.
  • With sites like Groupon, the cost will be half while coupons are used.
  • The idea is to get more clients and gain the confidence of the people which is considered to be more important in the service industry.
  • With the above method, the dentist’s gets more income and can even expand his clinic if the traffic increase with the online coupons.

People love sites like Groupon

People belongs to this digital era prefer comforts as well as quality products and services. Interestingly both these crucial factors are made available with the sites like Groupon that offer the best price to the online seekers.As everybody loves a great deal, these sites will go a long way in promoting larger brands of products and services across the world.

The best sites like Groupon offering deals and discounts:

There are a number of Sites Like Groupon which offer daily deals to consumers. These include:

The second largest and most popular daily deals portal after Groupon is LivingSocial. They offer Promo Codes which can also be used to make purchases with a good discount.

TravelZoo offers deals for discounted travel in over 20 cities throughout the country. They offer discounts and vouchers for various upscale spas and restaurants.

SweetJack is now Sweet Deals! Sweet Jack which saw rapid expansion in 2012, was born as a venture between Cumulus and Clear Channel, two of the biggest radio station operators in the United States. They offer excellent deals due to their connections with advertisers.

Amazon Local offers good deals for online retailers throughout the country. Though most of their deals are sold through LivingSocial, they do offer exclusive local deals on their website, not available elsewhere. with recent expansion to over 15 cities nationally is poised to offer good deals. With the backing of a media company like Gannett, customer service and quality of deals are expected to be good.

Dealfind was considered the next big thing after Groupon and LivingSocial. It saw explosive growth in 2012 and continues to be the best in Canda for instance.


The Boston based Eversave runs daily deals in over 10 cities and it continues to grow to other cities. Their client base in biggest in Philly and Boston.

Half Off Depot

Half Off Depot offers deals currently in six cities including Charlotte, Nashville, Tampa, Atlanta, Tampa, and Knoxville. In spite of a small presence, they offer very good deals in these cities.

Plum District

Plum District is a specialist in offering daily deals focussed on the family. This is very helpful for bigger family purchases.

Tippr is a venture-backed Seattle based website running daily deals in over 12 cities currently and continues to grow.

Other Specialized Deals

There are plenty of other similar websites that offer specialized local deals across multiple cities. Those worth mentioning are Seize the Deal,, Mamapedia Sweet Deals which focuses on deals for parents and Gilt City which offers discounts to upscale establishments.

Plenty of websites which started on the premise of Sites Like Groupon have closed down due to drop in volume or lack of public interest.