What Are the Different Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns?


Digital marketing means selling and advertising products and services online leveraging, internet or other electronic devices. It is often called online marketing or internet marketing though most of the time it uses traditional marketing tactics too. A marketing campaign that is the best of both online and traditional methods is the most recommended way to go about it. For any product or service to perform well online or offline, an effective digital marketing strategy is essential as people are connected to one of the electronic devices most of the time. Hence it is an impactful way of reaching a prospective customer for all businesses.

Advantages of digital marketing

When a business or a company uses digital marketing it can see better and faster results than traditional marketing. Listed below are some of the other benefits of digital marketing.

  • Easy to create awareness of the product or service and also engage the customer before the sale and after-sale
  • Track stats and other information in real-time and use it to make effective strategies and also optimize budget by investing in better performing campaigns
  • It helps to generate quality leads and nurture it to have continuous customer engagement. Thereby improving the conversion rate
  • Is a cost-effective approach compared to traditional marketing as advertising on TV, billboards are costly affairs
  • Can expect better ROI on your campaigns
  • Learn more about competitors and get an upper hand to reach more customers.

Types of digital marketing campaigns

 Digital marketing success in this market a business should have a combination of digital marketing campaigns so that they can reach the customers through one or the other channel. Listed below are some of the most used digital marketing campaigns which can help you get the success you desire.


The foremost thing needed for a business to stay competitive is to have an effective Search Engine Optimization. People use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to obtain information and if you do the SEO right you can get organic traffic to your website. But it is essential to optimize your website content in such a way that the site appears among the top results in the search engine. Achieving a top rank and constantly being aware of the change in search algorithms is a challenging job but if done effectively it gives great results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important part of any digital marketing strategy as that gives greater exposure to your products and also helps to create brand awareness through word of mouth.  To find the right influencer to work with is a challenging process.  Another reason to use social media marketing is to connect to the audience in a more personal manner, interact with them and get feedback about the positives and negatives about the business. Some of the most used are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc and these can also be used to post useful content which can increase the traffic. It can also be a great way to know if the content that you have posted has connected with your audience or not by counting the shares, retweets, and likes.

Search Engine Marketing

If SEO can get you organic traffic, effective use of SEM can get paid traffic from the leading search engines. In SEM you can advertise your product or service in search engines so that it can appear along with the organic content on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The most used platform for paid search is Google Adwords followed by Bing Ads. Other types of paid marketing include Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC.

Content marketing

It is another digital marketing strategy that is used to promote online business. One difference in content marketing, when compared to other digital marketing types is that it is not a direct form of marketing. Content regarding or related to the business is published and the audience finds this while browsing and read about it. The intention behind this is to make the customers read and share so that it reaches more prospective customers and also gain their trust as an expert in the industry. It is usually used along with SEO or SEM.

Email Marketing

This type of campaign is used for customer acquisition, engagement, retention, creating brand awareness, generating traffic and also promoting direct sales. The goal is to help customers make a move from one stage of the purchase journey to another. Email marketing helps in creating a better relationship with the customers by sending subscriptions and notifications about the company which adds value to the customers thereby creating brand loyalty.

Smartphone marketing

Smartphone marketing is the latest trend in the digital marketing world as most people use this device constantly. With text messages getting a better average open rate than other options it provides businesses with an opportunity to reach prospective customers through smartphones. The use of real-time push notifications to offer promotions and discounts can help your business immensely. But ensure that these are done effectively to get the right results.

Affiliate marketing

In this type of digital marketing, the advertiser pays only if there are conversions and is not based on the traffic generated unlike in PPC advertising. The advertiser pays a higher price for this marketing but since payment is only for conversion it is a win-win for both the affiliates and the advertiser. A classic example is the success of German online marketers who are helping businesses thrive even in a tough economy. Bloggers make the maximum use of this by selling products or services to their readers.

The digital marketing domain is ever-changing with many channels, tools, and trends coming up often. Creating an online strategy that is robust and gives the desired results need a lot of skills and knowledge. Since the market is dynamic, there is a need to be aware of at least the basic digital marketing strategies and choose the ones that add value to your campaign. Often more than one type of marketing strategy is used. Visit EngineRoom if you’d like to know more about digital marketing services.


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