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Upgrades to Your Backyard: Oval above Ground Pools and More


Upgrades to a backyard can bring new life into an outdoor space, adding fun for family entertainment with features like a swimming pool, lush garden, decorative gazebo or welcoming fire pit.

But backyard renovation doesn’t need to be expensive or stressful – here are some simple ideas for revitalizing your garden without draining your savings account.

Install an In-Ground Pool

Install an in-ground pool in your backyard for an elegant upgrade that will make it the envy of the neighborhood, and enjoy relaxing by the water on hot days, spending quality time with family and friends or swimming laps all in the privacy of your own yard.

In-ground pools come in all forms – concrete (gunite), fiberglass and vinyl liners are popular choices – and can be designed according to your specifications. Look for oval above ground pools for sale to help you determine which types are available. Then you should research these options prior to making your decision.

Before beginning construction, ensure your backyard is large enough for a swimming pool installation and that there are no natural or man-made obstacles preventing installation in its proper spot.

Also factor in any setbacks such as city or county development limits and underground or overhead utility lines which should be marked before you begin digging. Obtain information from utility providers regarding where these are and have them mark them before beginning excavation work.

Build a Modern Pergola

Pergolas bring architectural shape and enclosure to any garden, creating a focal point that also serves to frame plants or provide needed shade in sunny spots. When planning tropical garden ideas, be sure to include pergolas.

To build a pergola in your backyard, begin by marking its location. Next, dig holes using either a hand-held post hole digger or renting a power auger deep enough for concrete footers you’ll later pour.

When these are set, install the rafters; these may be closer together for more shady effect or further apart for increased sun exposure. You can click the link: https://www.bobvila.com/articles/pergola-plans/ for more information.

Add a Hammock

A hammock adds an air of luxury to any backyard. From sunny open areas to cozy gazebo corners, hammocks are relaxing additions that provide the ideal spot for quick naps or leisurely reading sessions.

Hammocks differ from traditional backyard swings in that they’re designed to support full body weight while keeping those at their center elevated above the ground.

If possible, find an area suitable for hammocking – two sturdy trees a few feet apart would make an excellent place for hammocking; alternatively you could install two posts tall enough that your hammock remains off of the ground.

Make a Water Feature

Backyard water features are a wonderful way to add tranquility and wildlife attraction to the garden. You can click here to learn more about the feng shui benefits of installing a water feature.

Before selecting one for yourself, carefully consider your needs and maintenance commitment – do you prefer something elaborate such as a fish swimming pond? Or is something simpler like a fountain more appropriate?

If you prefer something with more organic elements, consider stream and river water features with native plants to give an organic vibe. Or create an impressive waterfall using large stones for an organic touch without needing a large pond.

Bubble rock ponds are a popular and straightforward backyard water feature, not to mention easy and cost-effective to install.

Lay a Flagstone Pathway

Pathways provide an efficient means of traversing your yard while simultaneously improving its natural aesthetic.

While paved pathways may appear out-of-place in gardens, flagstone walkway ideas add an earthier appeal that fits more seamlessly with surrounding greenery.

Before beginning to create your path, first determine its shape, size and direction. With your plan in hand, clear away grass and plants using a shovel so as to make room for base materials and stones – dig down 4 to 6 inches for a solid foundation then layer on gravel or crushed stone followed by sand to form a firm surface for flagstones.

Add a Fire Pit

Fire pits create an inviting spot in your backyard for gathering with family and friends to unwind in comfort and warmth. Installing one yourself is an effortless DIY project that can have a significant impact on the look of your yard.

Stone fire pits add a classic and clean aesthetic to any backyard, while wood borders or dark gravel add rustic appeal. For added ambience, add moody lighting or try using different patterns on the grass for seating areas and lawn areas.

Make sure your fire pit is situated safely by placing it away from structures like sheds and low hanging trees, as well as away from any wind that might blow smoke into your home.

There are many ways you can improve your backyard; from in-ground pools to water features to walkways and fire pits, you can create a unique space for your family and friends to enjoy,


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