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Light & Lovely: How To Increase A Home’s Natural Light


There is nothing more gorgeous than a bright home. Those luscious pinks, golds, reds and yellows flooding the home are a joy to behold. This is especially so in a city like Perth, which enjoys blissful hues all year round. But how do you paint your home with natural light? How do you ensure that your space is a place for the sun?

There are many ways you can do it! And we are here to show you a few below:

1. Bifold doors

There is absolutely no better way to increase natural light than through bifold doors. The best aluminium bifold doors Perth has available are ideal for allowing in all that gorgeous sunlight. This is for the simple reason that they use space that would otherwise be used for light blocking walls. Instead of walls you have windows, duh! This is the best way for increasing light in spaces like the living room, where family and friends gather on glorious sunny days. So, if you’ve been thinking of the most efficient way to increase light, you can’t overlook installing these imperative entrances!

2. Place a mirror opposite a window

Mirrors have so many benefits that go beyond showing us how good we look. They are a space-creator and make any room feel bigger. What’s more, they help increase a home’s natural light. This is because their reflective surface absorbs and redistributes that great golden hue throughout the home. But the ultimate way to achieve this effect is through hanging a mirror opposite a window. Why? Simple! It’s the best location for mirrors to receive that wonderful sunlight to illuminate the home in the golden hours.

3. Paint your home bright colours

Just like mirrors, bright colours absorb and redistribute sunlight. Dark and moody hues have the opposite effect. They simply work to absorb the sunlight without redistributing it throughout the home. So, one of the best home improvement tips for increasing natural light is to paint your bright colours. We’re talking lovely, beachy beiges, golds, whites and yellows. These colours take on the sunshine and flood it back through the home, giving your home a beautiful seaside vibe that is perfect for Perth!

4. Don’t block your windows

Many homeowners accidentally block out light through placing furniture in front of the windows. If you have a big old bookcase it is safe to say it probably doesn’t need to sit in front of the window. Perhaps you can find a place for it against a wall? Or, perhaps you have glass doors in your living room and you put a sofa in front of them? Whatever the cause of the blockage, a simple rearrange can make all the difference in allowing more natural light into the home.

5. Use reflective surfaces

There are so many options for reflective surfaces in the home! From glossy kitchen benches to shiny ornaments and works of art, you have many options for beautifying your home on multiple levels. Not only do artworks and glossy finishes improve your home’s aesthetic, they also reflect natural light! This is simply perfect for ensuring your home is flooded with that natural light that you have been seeking!

So, be sure to follow these tips and tricks for bringing the sunshine. You are sure to increase any space’s natural light by simply employing just one of these tips. They are the ultimate way for bringing a little sunlight into your space.


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