Nikon D200 or Nikon D90 is good


I recommend buying a Nikon D90 camera! Because the Nikon D90 camera is a brand new machine, you won’t be able to buy a refurbished machine or a problem machine and you can enjoy nationwide warranty. The Nikon D200 has been discontinued for a long time. If you buy a second-hand Nikon D200 camera, it is easy to buy a refurbished machine or a rework machine. This is not worthwhile, and the quality of used cameras is uneven. If you don’t know the camera, you can buy it. May be cheated.

Nikon D90 elaboration

The release of the   Nikon mid-range SLR D90 brings a new choice for advanced photography enthusiasts. This SLR, which has no exquisite appearance, has a significant improvement in performance compared to its predecessor. The application of the EXPEED image processing concept brings excellent high- sensitivity performance to this mid-range SLR . The addition of live view and face recognition makes the D90 lead the current mid-range SLR camp in new technologies. The 9-megapixel 3.0-inch LCD screen gives the user an excellent display, making playback of photos on the SLR a pleasure.


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