How about the Core i5 3450


Intel Core i5 3450 is part of the third-generation Core i5 series. According to Intel’s plan, it is used to replace the second-generation Core i5 2300/2320/2400. The price is in the early thousand rupees, and it is mainly in the thousand-rupees market.

Core i5 3450 adopts 22nm technology, based on Ivy Bridge architecture design, native quad core and four threads, the default frequency is 3.1GHz, and can be up to 3.5Ghz, with 6MB L3 cache. The core graphics card is integrated with the HD2500. The default frequency is 650-1150MHz, which shares 6MB of L3 cache with the CPU. The TDP thermal power is designed to be 77W.

Based on the 22nm process, the Core i5 3450 has good power consumption control. Although the Turbo frequency is 0.4GHz higher than the Core i5 2300, the overall power consumption is still strong. This aspect has always been the strength of the Intel Core series, far ahead of the competition.

Shopping advice – Competitive analysis

Performance: The Core i5 3450 is 14% better than the Core i5 2300, and the performance is close to the i5 2500K and FX-8150 at the default frequency.

Power consumption: The Core i5 3450 based on the new generation Ivy Bridge architecture has great advantages.

Price: same as the FX-8150.

The original task of Intel Core i5 3450 is to replace the Core i5 2300/2400 series. The CPU performance is about 10% higher than that of the previous generation, and it will not impact the upper-level products. It is not a problem to successfully take over the market.

2. User groups

Mid-to-high-end gamers, a group of users who have a certain demand for performance.

3. Purchase suggestions

If you focus on gaming and multimedia entertainment, the Intel Core i5 3450 is a good choice, because the current game is not optimized for multi-core performance, four core four threads and Ivy Bridge architecture is enough. Intel’s architectural and power control advantages are still obvious.

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