How much does it cost to develop an app?


With the popularity of smartphones, APP mobile applications have become the most important entry for users. The term APP development is no stranger to our society. Both traditional enterprises and entrepreneurs are studying how to develop an APP. Through our industry experience, here is a discussion of how to do an APP project for readers who need to understand this aspect.

Part 1 Product Positioning + User Analysis

No matter what kind of APP is developed, early market analysis is indispensable. The first point of market research is to discover what the main role of APP is to bring to the enterprise, and then to refine the function. Secondly, it is to find similar products for analysis, analyze their advantages and disadvantages and learn from them.

What kind of value APP can provide to users is an important point for APP survival and death. The analysis of the user should include a clear picture of the user, the user’s age, income, geography, focus, cultural level, etc. Different product positioning needs to focus on the analysis of the customer.

Part 2 Building a basic APP framework

After solving the value that the APP brings to itself and what value it brings to the user, the function of the APP is further refined based on the analysis of the market product, and a functional framework of the APP as a whole is constructed. To understand APP related products, such as the basic configuration of the APP: Android version, Apple version, management background, server, mobile assistant, decide to make a native APP or H5 version. The price, performance, and development method achievable in different versions are completely different.

Part 3 How much does it cost to develop an app?

For the question of how much money to make a mobile app, the answer is: from a few hundred to several hundred million, it is possible! The cost of each app is related to the features you need.

How much money is needed to develop an app is determined by the following factors:

Staffing cost

The cost of app development is mainly reflected in the developer configuration, that is, the configuration of human resources such as back-end engineers, client engineers, UI designers, product managers, etc. These are the most basic human configuration. If larger companies are also equipped with test engineers, operation engineers, interaction designers, and so on.

Time costs

Developing an industry app or developing an app for a business usually takes 1-3 months. The more complex the function, the longer the project and the higher the price.

Sending an industry app or developing an app for a business usually takes 1-3 months. The more complex the function, the longer the project and the higher the price.

Server cost

There are many kinds of servers. The cost of the server is mainly the data capacity, as well as the type, security, and stability factors. These factors determine the server cost. This is also based on the needs of the enterprise to determine the capacity of the server.

For example, the most basic registration login may be divided into email registration login, WeChat authorized login, QQ authorized login, Weibo authorized login, SMS verification code registration login, etc., and password retrieval is divided into email retrieval, SMS search Waiting. In so many cases, only one of them can be done or one of them, and the development cost may be 7 times or more. So, when considering budgets, you can communicate your needs with the development company and ultimately determine your budget.

Part 4 Which APP development company is good?

When choosing an APP application development company, it is best to examine its comprehensive strength from various aspects, such as company size, R&D level, after-sales service, and success stories. As far as possible, choose a professional and powerful development company, so that the APP application can be more secure. Only in this way, the developed APP application can avoid the problem to the greatest extent, so that the APP application has better quality and can be more popular with users.

Part 5 development notes

No planning start

Many App projects were not planned before development. For example, there is no outline in the writing, and the app that is made in the end is very different from the effect that the customer needs.

So before you start, you need to make a written plan, including the purpose of the app development, the functions that need to be implemented, what functions are expected to be perfected at each stage, etc., and then design a flow chart of the user’s needs according to the plan.

Not paying attention to developer suggestions

Usually when the product designer gets some inspiration, he will add some other elements to the product. However, from the developer’s point of view to consider the problem, sometimes it will feel that the added thing is more redundant, and the operation of the mobile device. The experience does not match, or these elements will generate some unnecessary data. In fact, developers should be advised to pay attention to the technical experience and do not affect the user experience.

Lost the ultimate goal

After planning the app development project process, don’t change it easily. If you continuously add new requirements during the development process, you will gradually move away from the original development goals. Then, when there are new needs or ideas, it is necessary to meet with the development company to discuss and confirm before the product development, and try to ensure that the developed products are consistent with the original plan.


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