6 old iOS hidden features that senior old iPhone users know, how much do you know?


Iphone is one of the popular mobile handset and number of user increasing everyday..with every new launch apple set new high on demand and create new space in users mind…so let’s few hidden feature many people not aware of..

iOS hidden features

1, tap to unlock

The iOS system has turned on this [tap open] function by default when you update it. You don’t need to click the home button to unlock the iPhone. Just use the Tocuh ID.

2, open the screen recording tool

In fact, iOS has its own screen recording tool, how to open it?

In [Settings] – [Control Center] – [Custom Control] – find [Screen Recording], click on the front [+]

Then slide the control panel and you will see the logo recorded on the screen. After clicking it, the system will automatically count down for 3 seconds, then start recording.

At the end of the recording, click on the red task bar at the top, press Stop, and the recorded video will be automatically saved to the album.

3, adjust the brightness of the flashlight

Many people know that the flashlight is turned on in the control panel, and that the flashlight button can only be used to turn the flashlight on and off. In fact, long press the flashlight button, you can slide up and down to adjust the brightness.

4, clip video

Open the video, in the upper right corner [Edit], drag the arrows on both sides to the sides of the video clip you want to save, click Finish, and you’re done.

5, photo doodle

Open a picture, click [Edit] in the upper right corner – the second button at the top – [mark], then select the brush to graffiti, or click [+] in the lower right corner to add [text];

6, shake off

iOS defaults to the function of shaking the phone to cancel the information, but generally it will inadvertently shake to the iPhone, wake up the undo function, then you can choose [Settings] – [General] – [Accessibility] – [Shake to undo 】

If the phone loses important files, you can use the powerful recovery wizard to recover the data.


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