How do I change the password for my Gmail mailbox?


Sometimes I find that my Gmail mailbox will be logged in from a different location, and I can’t figure out what’s going on. And no matter how much, if something goes wrong, just change the password.

Gmail is an account of Google, and the same registered gmail account can be used for other Google apps. So how do you change the gmail account password? Many small partners don’t know it, and they found it for a long time. Let’s take a look

How to change Gmail password

Tools/raw materials

Method / step

First login to your gmail email account, as shown in the upper right corner – option [my account]

There is a set gear symbol in the upper right corner of the mailbox, and you will see “Settings” below;

Find “Accounts and Imports” on the “Settings” page;

In “Accounts and Imports”, the first item is to change the account settings, which is also the first item: “Change Password”

After clicking “Change Password”, you will be asked to re-login to the account before you can enter the password reset page. After resetting the password, click “Change Password” to complete the setup.

Finally, your recovery email will receive an email with a password change on your Google account. The email does not need to be replied. At this point, your google account password has been changed successfully.

Gmail mailboxes change passwords, and passwords for Google accounts will change as they become one.

So by above steps you can easily change gmail password…if you need any other information then please write us in comment.

Now GOOGLE officially has three ways to retrieve the account password:
1. Retrieve through the alternate email address you filled in when you registered.
2. Retrieve the phone number set by the user.
3. If the above 2 items cannot be retrieved, you can fill in the appeal form and let GOOGLE customer service manually review and retrieve it.

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