Introduction and Getting Started with Youtube


“YouTube” means “your TV” ( Americans call TV a Tube).

Since its inception in 2005, it has been popular among young people, and now YouTube has more than 100 million video shows, accounting for 46% of the online short film sharing website. The online video market ranks first in the world.

Youtube importance

Google CEO Pichay said that every hour YouTube broadcasts hundreds of millions of hours of video to Internet users around the world, with more and more videos being played on mobile devices.

People log in to YouTube, not only to watch entertainment and funny videos, but also a channel for people to get information. According to the number of searches, YouTube has surpassed Yahoo and Microsoft Bing, and is the second largest search engine in the world .

At the same time, YouTube has launched a product purchase advertisement, allowing netizens to directly purchase the favorite products appearing in the video after watching the video. YouTube has a strong independent revenue capability.

YouTube is the undisputed video site leader, with an average of 100 million views per day. Since the launch of YouTube, the above videos have been viewed for a total of approximately 9305 years; the video uploaded to YouTube every minute is astonishingly 300 hours.

Forbes announced the most profitable YouTuber rankings for 2016. PewDiePie once again won the championship and topped the list with a value of $15 million. The RMB exceeded 100 million and became the most profitable YouTube Star of the year.

His channel has more than 50 million subscribers. And on YouTube Red, the paid subscription service launched by YouTube, open a show called Scare PewDiePie.

Zoira, the popular “self-media person” with 12 million YouTube subscribers

However, the video uploaded to YouTube every minute is astonishingly 300 hours. In the vast crowd of “self-media”, only a small percentage of people can earn a good income by loading advertisements on the show.

So let’s talk about how to market in youtube to achieve the highest efficiency.

Youtube marketing tips

1:Use unconventional video to attract audience curiosity

If you have a boring tutorial, but can bring valuable information or practical dry goods to the audience, maybe everyone will want to understand.

But if a TV series is very boring, obviously everyone will not chase the show. This also reminds us that do not want to just limit their video content directly related to your product or service, you can from more aspects to find it interesting, curiosity can cause the contents of the audience.

You may have seen some ads until you finally find out what the video is about. The video used to promote Samsung mobile phones is such a video, the content is a little girl dancing, attracting more and more people to join her.

This video does not seem to have anything to do with the product, but it can show the positive side of the company and also conveys Samsung’s hope: customers can be excited and happy with their mobile phones.

2:Using keywords to conduct customer preference research

When marketing on YouTube, it’s important to consider what happens to your audience during the purchase process. Some marketers try to “cold sales” to potential customers who are interested in the product .

The problem is that customers who find your video on YouTube are often in the discovery phase and cannot commit to purchase.

Therefore, it is important to choose keywords that are best related to the person who is looking for new information and to provide video content related to the keyword . You can use the AdWords Display Planner tool to research your video descriptions and ad targeting keywords.

The keywords are relevant to the core buying group, not the audience of the channel.

What types of keywords should I look for? Consider words and phrases related to your industry and products. For example, if you have a car repair shop, you can use keywords such as “How to change oil” and “Car mechanic”.

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