How do you let customers find videos of your business on YouTube?


Many people want to do Youtube video marketing, but they don’t know how to proceed, some do but have no effect, and it is difficult to be searched by users on Youtube. With the continuous development of society, short video is gradually sought after by everyone, and the development prospect of video marketing is huge. How to do video marketing has become a concern of foreign trade enterprises.

As one of the world’s largest video platforms, YouTube has 1 billion active users per month, close to one-seventh of the global population. Such a big potential market, foreign trade companies certainly can not miss it. Through video, potential customers can see and understand our products to achieve marketing purposes. How to make our potential users see videos from our company, this requires setting up valid YouTube keywords.

So how do you set up effective YouTube keywords? It can be considered from the following aspects:

First, set the keyword purpose

Second, find keywords

Third, the keyword setting error

First, set the keyword purpose

How to let users find your company’s video on such a large platform, it depends on whether the enterprise video has set accurate keywords, which is why the keyword is set. When uploading videos on our YouTube platform, we must set reasonable and effective keywords in the title, keywords and detailed descriptions, so that the video can achieve the effect of ranking, exposure and accurate drainage. As shown below:

Second, find keywords

customers find videos of your business on YouTube

  1. YouTube Suggestion

YouTube Suggestion is similar to Google search engine recommendation. When you enter a keyword in the search box on the Youtube homepage, YouTube itself will recommend some relevant keywords. These keywords are recommended according to the user’s search habits on YouTube. Very precise and practical. As shown below:

When we enter the keyword of generator, we can see that many related recommendation words are recommended below, so we can refer to the use of these keywords. This YouTube Suggest, don’t be underestimated, the keywords it recommends are people who really search!

2, Keyword Tool Dominator

This is a tool for finding long tail keywords directly from YouTube, and you can see the search popularity of each long tail word, which allows us to choose more accurate keywords, which is a very useful tool. As shown below:

When you enter the keyword keyword, you can see that the Keyword Results column is the relevant keyword that is found. There is also a Rank value from 1 to 10, which means that the user searches for the keyword on Youtube. 1 means that the keyword is searched more frequently on Youtube, and 10 means that the keyword is searched on Youtube. less. This makes it clear that the chances of choosing which keyword will be searched by people are greater.

3, the keyword setting error

Many people put Google’s webpage keywords directly on YouTube. In fact, this is a common YouTube marketing misunderstanding. Because the keywords used by users to search on video are not the same as those used in Google, they cannot be completely applied to each other. Some keywords may have a large search volume on Google, but the search volume on YouTube may be low. Therefore, the keyword settings applied directly will greatly affect your video exposure.

There is also a lot of companies who used to do B2B marketing to develop a habit, and set the title to be relatively simple. And on YouTube, this is also a general title, resulting in a large amount of page views from the title. In fact, in YouTube marketing, in addition to the effective keywords we need to lay out, we also need an attractive title, so that customers can see the impulse to click.

As shown above, this video title: Super glue trick the cops dont want you to know, people feel very curious at first glance, want to go in and see what is going on, very attractive.

When foreign trade companies do YouTube video marketing, you can refer to the above points to set keywords, so that users can more easily find your company’s video to achieve maximum marketing results. Of course, companies want to do a good job in video marketing, setting up effective keywords is only one of them, as well as other aspects such as the frequency and clarity of video updates, which will affect the marketing effect, and will gradually share with you in the future!


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