Xender – Connect your phone to your computer and transfer files [Web/Android/iOS/WP]


Xender is an application that can wirelessly transfer files between different devices (supports no network transmission via hotspots), supports iOS, Android and WindowsPhone, and can also transfer files to and from a computer browser.

The green frog usually uses Pasteasy to transfer files between different devices. Of course, Infinit can also transfer files across the LAN between platforms.

Xender is more suitable for complex networks. For example, there is a mix of data network and WiFi. When the mobile terminal and the computer transfer files, the computer only needs to open the webpage , and there is no need to install the client.

In the absence of a network, Xender can also transfer files between smartphones via hotspots.

Xender under Android can also directly transfer application installation packages, iOS users don’t think about it. WP… not tested, don’t know.


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