5 free online video editing tools for you to pick


With the increasing development of technology networks, recording video with smart mobile devices has become a must for consumers to record their lives. Video can be widely available on the Internet and spread at near-crazy speeds between users. Before we went out to travel, we used photos to record the scenery. Nowadays, mobile devices such as smart phones are so popular that the beauty and knowledge of the journey can be recorded through video, so that friends and relatives who are far away from home can feel happy in the same place. .

With your smartphone, you can pick up your smartphone at any time and record the video on the way. After the trip, if you want to edit your “happiness” better, you need to use a lot of video editing tools, which can let you experience the fun of “pretending” movie producers. The following small series introduces you to several online video editing tools, so that all the happiness you recorded on the road is perfectly displayed.

Most online video editors provide users with some of the most basic operations, such as cutting, cutting, joining, and merging tools, as well as ubiquitous sharing buttons. All you have to do is import interesting videos that record vacations and weekends. If you think other video editors are too cumbersome, try these 5 free online video editors.

Top free YouTube video editor

YouTube is a popular popular video sharing site that allows users to upload, watch, and share video clips for free. When you upload a video, you will definitely beautify it, so why not try YouTube’s own video editor?

Features that users can use:

Combine multiple video clips you upload to export a new long video;

Trim the uploaded video to a specified length;

Add your favorite music to your videos by browsing the music list in the YouTube library;

More special tools and effects during editing (adding text, adjusting brightness and contrast, auto-transition, and stabilizing camera shake);

Use privacy tools to protect personal privacy in the privacy section of the video;

There are countless creative sharing videos on the YouTube site, and you can choose from 4 million videos and add them to your editing projects.

Video Tool Box

There is also a free online video editing application – Video Tool Box has an advanced file manager that helps users upload and download video files from other websites.

Features that users can use:

You can upload videos up to 600 MB and record video directly through your camera or other video broadcasting device;

Video download opportunities from more than 20 video sharing sites;

Add your own watermark to your favorite exclusive video;

Crop, merge, separate, and encode subtitles for your video;

Give you two modes to handle – simple and advanced, it’s also a video converter for all popular video formats (3GP, AMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, VOB, WMV) for conversion.


Pixorial brings collaborative video editing to the cloud editing level. The online video tool has a basic free plan and a series of premium plans that users can sign up for via Google or Facebook.

Features that users can use:

Pixorial’s “Movie Creator” provides users with 1 GB of online space to upload, create and collaboratively edit video. Users connect to Google Drive (Google Drive – 5 GB of storage) and can sync their videos;

Movie Creator provides advanced editing options for cropping videos, combining different videos, adding music, creating text, titles, and cast lists;

Desktop Uploader helps you upload videos from your computer to the Cloud Center and even use a webcam to capture video clips.

There are 500 free gold medals for users to use;

Pixorial also launched an iPhone and Android version of the app that makes capturing, uploading and sharing videos easier.

WeVideo – video editor tool

WeVideo is another collaborative online video editing tool. It is free and chargeable. The free account can only invite 5 users to collaborate and edit with you. The fees are more and more good. Below we mainly talk about the free account. Features.

Features that users can use:

Provide users with 1GB of online storage space;

Supports most video formats as well as multi-channel audio;

All videos are limited to 360P resolution, and users can export the edited videos to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter.

You can connect WeVideo and Google Drive to sync your video through the cloud.

The editing interface is full of features, including effects, animations, transitions and color corrections, filters, and more.

FileLab Video Editor

We were impressed with the clean interface provided by the FileLab video editor, which is only one-third of the Trinity FileLab (audio, video editor and Windows cleanup). With only 1 MB of downloads, you can install the FileLab plugin used during the editing process.

Features that users can use:

Various video operations such as trimming, splitting, merging, rotating, and blending;

You can create a variety of main effects, such as old movies, TV simulations, and sketch effects, with multiple effects added to different parts of a video. At the same time, adding animated text and music can also polish a lot of video;

FileLab provides a series of transitions, transition effects and timelines;

Add multiple layers of video to your movie, set different transparency, position and orientation to make it more stereoscopic;

Support HD video format, your export video format can be displayed on Android, iPhone and iPad.

I don’t know if there are any of the top 5 video clips in King Kong. Try it first and compare it. I believe there is always one for you.

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