Apple Releases 2018 App Store Global Select List

Home of the Webmaster December 4th news: Today Apple released the 2018 App Store global selection list. This list is from Apple’s selection of products in all categories, such as App, games, music, podcasts, etc., to a certain extent, also reflects the entertainment and cultural landscape of the world this year.

Image from Apple

Every year, Apple announces the best app of the year in December to recognize outstanding apps. This year’s iPhone Group’s annual best app is Procreate Pocket for professional graphics applications. The best game for the iPhone is the physics puzzle story game Donut County.

The iPad’s best app of the year is Froggiedia, an AR app that lets users dissect frogs by AR. The best game for the iPad is Gorogog, which is also a story puzzle game.

The Mac’s annual app is Pixelmator Pro, a professional retouching application. The best game for Mac is The Gardens Between, an adventure puzzle game.

The full version of the 2018 App Store Global Featured List is available here . In addition, Google also announced the ” Google Play 2018 Best of the Year ” list yesterday .

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