Boat Stone SpinX review: Great value at a very affordable price


No matter you like listening to music or not, you definitely want to get your hands on the speakers once. Whether you love listening to earphones or not, you surely love to listen to music on high sound at times using speakers. For the last few years, we have been seeing many Bluetooth speakers coming up in the market. Boat in the last few years has come up in the market as the standout brand in the audio industry. Boat came up with its Stone SpinX model which is a Bluetooth speaker priced at Rs. 2,699. You can also tryout additional discounts with amazing AliExpress Coupon Code Offers today.

Though you can get many Bluetooth speakers in this range, but Boat Stone SpinX is a special entity among them. Let’s find it out in the review below:

Design and Specifications

Boat Stone SpinX is just similar to the JBL’s Flip series. It quite looks like that with a cylindrical speaker, rubber finish on the plastic edges and also a fabric cover around the body. The device houses four physical buttons including the power, the volume rockers, and playback control. The device also has a space for micro-USB port for charging and an aux too.

Talking about the drivers, Boat Stone SpinX features two 6W drivers and two bass radiators to balance the level of bass when you listen to your favorite track. Frequency range varies from 160-20,000Hz and for connectivity, it packs Bluetooth 4.2 and aux inputs too.

The company has made this speaker IPX6 water and dust resistant. This means you can easily use it in rainfall or after water spills on it. The device can be used in both vertical and horizontal way-but you must prefer the horizontal way as the vertical one silences one of the bass radiators.

Boat Stone SpinX comes in three color variants: Black, Blue, and Grey.

Battery Life

Coming to the battery, Boat Stone SpinX packs a high capacity 2,000mAh battery. The company claims that it can give eight hours of life before you have to refuel it again. Although it is said that if the device gives eighty percent of what the company claims, then it is worth it. In this case, the product can give 7-8 hours easily. Boat has packed a new feature named as “True Wireless” which can drain the battery little quicker.


Priced at Rs. 2,699, the Boat Stone SpinX provides good value at this price tag. Just like other brands like Sony and JBL, Boat has dived into the same pool of providing great value. Though the JBL and Sony Bluetooth speakers come at high prices, Boat chose the other way round with affordable pricing. When it comes to the performance, there are slightly any difference you can feel between them.

The Bluetooth speaker outputs punchy and clear sounds with strong bass which will only entertain you. Though you can feel the audio getting distorted at the higher volume, but volume below 80 percent gives you a punchy beat to swing. You experience good highs in the songs but sometimes you feel the vocals getting lost in between the bass and highs.

True Wireless feature is really a cherry on the cake for this product as it surely makes the difference in the mid-range output. You can also explore some of the latest gadgets online with best Amazon Coupon Code Offers on electronics items.


Boat Stone SpinX is giving the customers a really good value- above average for sure. The device comes with lots of nice features like the device has been made IPX6 water and dust resistance, outputs the high and strong bass with clear highs too, and the new wireless daisy chaining feature adds more value to it. But like every device, this device got its cons too like the output it delivers at the mid-range sound and moreover, sound imaging is just par when you tend to use a single speaker. However, you might think that it is worth it to get one at the affordable price but getting two of these will steal the show. Even if you are looking for Sony and JBL ones, we would suggest taking these two instead- more power and same price.


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