8 Gadgets to Up Your Sleep Game


Mainline all the caffeine you want, but you are simply not yourself without a proper night’s rest. Lacking basic hours of deep slumber can lead to a number of health concerns. The CDC has even declared sleep deprivation a public health epidemic! Here are 8 electronic devices that will take your winter hibernation & well-being to the next level.

Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Nasa may pay you to stay in bed for 60 days in the name of science, but answer me this: Is your mattress up to the challenge?

Thanks to The Sleep Number® bed with SleepIQ® technology, you can actualize all your futurism dreams! The sensors inside the mattress measure how well you doze each night, creating an intimate report of your nocturnal cycle.

Link SleepIQ to your favorite health & wellness apps to discover how to revamp those restorative hours in the waking world.

Snuggle into this synthesis of comfort and mechanization. Fill the Jetsons with envy!

Fairy tales inevitably showcase main characters nodding off in strange locations, yet they still achieve a perfect dewy glow. Can you imagine a fairy godmother of your own to monitor, understand, & fix all your sleep troubles, right under your bed!

The BeautyRest Sleeptracker integrates seamlessly with any mattress – leaving you wearable-free. Powered by AI, this fully automatic personal sleep monitor makes integration into your smart home possible via Alexa.

A dream filled nights & blissful disney-esque mornings await – minus the chipper woodland creatures, as those are sold separately.

Count More Than Sheep.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a Millennial in possession of multiple side hustles, must be in want of a good night’s sleep. The burnout generation continually exerts themselves, often neglecting rest.

Whip your sleep into shape with the Polar M430 GPS Running Watch. Unlike other smart watches, this device tailors individual guidance through:

  • Over 30 Smart Coaching Programs ( including Fitness Testing & Recovery Status)
  • Polar Flow App
  • Activity Guides (with GPS accuracy)
  • Activity Summaries (to track progression & modify with ease)

It’s time to prioritize some shut eye.


Any good Pokemon Trainer knows, a Snorlax may be a strong majestic creature in your pokeball but you would never want one in your bed!

Why suffer financially draining medical tests when EVERSLEEP has condensed a fully functional sleep lab around your wrist? It’s evaluations are unequaled in the field :

  • Identifies 5 types of Insomnia
  • Administers continuous oxygen monitoring for breathing interruptions
  • Correlates breathing and insomnia events
  • Tracks other disruptions, including motion events
  • Measures sleep quality & fragmented sleep
  • Supplies personal metric based coaching & tips

Zonk out and wake up feeling revived, just like a pokemon with Nurse Joy!

Live You Best Sci-Fi Life

The best inventions were inspired by science fiction. Thanks to Star Trek, Ray Bradbury & The Matrix we have cell phones, earbuds & the Oculus rift respectively!

Place your Kickstarter pre-order now for the latest in smart wearable gear. The Neuroon Open Sleep Tracker features:

  • Advanced sleep measurement based on EEG (brain activity)
  • A/B testing of your sleep
  • Smart wake ups & naps
  • Audio guided meditation sessions
  • Lucid dreaming induction
  • Smart home integrations (that you can program yourself)

Pull this miracle of ingenuity over your eyes & arise refreshed in the world of tomorrow.

Pillow Talk

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if pillows could catch our dreams, and not just drool?

Transform the way you sleep with Mister Sandman’s best-kept secret: The Zeeq Smart Pillow. This cushion is equipped with everything from sleep tracking, audio, snore cessation, and smart home features just to name a few.

There’s even a silent wake-up alarm, securing your partners’ (and your neighbors’) sleep remains undisturbed.

It really can do it all…except pillow fighting. Maybe don’t bring it to that arena.

Hit Pause on The Outside World

Between the cacophony of commuting, deadlines, and the endlessness of household chores, it’s hard to switch off. Finding time to unwind from the daily grind can be the last thing on your mind.

Let the pandemonium of everyday life fade away with Kokoon. The world’s first sleep aiding headphones are wirelessly engineered with triple layer disturbance protection, delivering exceptional quality sound wherever you are.

The intelligent sensors discern what works best for you & your environment. The patented design moulds to the shape of your head, creating a secure yet breathable fit.

Pause in peace no matter how much you toss and turn.

As I Live And Breathe!

Each new in-breath revitalizes the mind & body. But are your overnight oxygen levels killing your ability to sleep soundly?

Gain impartial insight with the FDA registered Beddr SleepTuner. Unlike other wearable devices, this postage sized dynamo is 100% sleep focused.

Disorders like sleep apnea, hypertension, and even depression are on the rise.

By taking a deeper examination, you will paint a more vivid picture of your health risks for your doctor. Not only that but will you understand which alterations need to be made by assessing how your position & breathing patterns impact sleep quality.

Optimize your overall health for worry-free sleep.


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