5 VR apps to help you become a better public speaker


According to numerous studies, public speaking is the single most common phobia. Now,virtual reality provides a low-stress way to overcome this fear and improve speaking skills.

It can also help companies in public speaking training and clinicians with relevant challenges for clients.

Here the perfect classroom VR training summarizes 5 VR applications for your reference

One: virtual orator

Virtual Human Technology , based in the Czech Republic, has just released Virtual Orator, an application that helps users practice public speaking in front of virtual audiences using Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headsets. The software costs $300 for individual users and $3,000 for businesses.

Users can choose from a variety of target audiences based on their training needs. It can help beginners and professionals improve their public speaking skills, and the app can also be used to help clients overcome public speaking training in the field of public speaking training and therapists. The company can even customize a virtual venue to resemble a specific physical venue.

Kristopher Blom, CEO of Virtual Human Technology, told Hypergrid’s business unit, “We currently have six unique venues, twelve layouts, and configurations such as lighting and platform layouts.” Although the product is available The basic choice of the most common venues, but we plan to add a variety of venues over time so that people can prepare any spoken language needs as efficiently as possible. ”

The largest venue currently accommodates 125 avatars, but the company plans to have more of these rooms. This week, they will also announce a new laser pointer feature for the HTC Vive controller, while improving recording capabilities.

They also intend to increase viewers’ responsiveness, such as triggering viewer behavior, such as falling asleep or coughing, or challenges such as projector failure. Other features include site creation, where users can create their own venues, improve logging, and extend support for new head-mounted devices. Users can also track their performance in training.

Blom said: “The objective feedback of public speaking does not exist, and we are also eager to develop new mechanisms, such as the slide timing feature we just released.

The company focuses on high-end virtual reality headsets rather than mobile-based viewers such as Gear VR and Google Cardboard to reduce motion sickness.

Blom said that feeling awkward, minor headaches or other minor symptoms may cause great harm to public speaking training.

Spending too much time in a virtual environment can also be confusing for some people.

“For longer experience, it is helpful to break down the world time. Based on this experience, we implemented a mandatory suspension function,” Blom said. “After a configurable period of time, Virtual Orator enters a paused state, allowing the user to enter the real world for a minute or two before continuing.”

However, they will increase the “streamlined” version of the phone, and because of the limited graphics and computing power of the phone, the price of the phone will be reduced, Blom said.

Sports illness is often exacerbated by world sports, so some mobile virtual reality applications can keep the main avatar or camera stationary, allowing users to view them at any time, or from the field, without any movement in the world.

Two: Voice Center VR

Cerevrum Inc’s Speech Center VR is a free Gear VR , and the iOS, Android and Oculus Rift versions are expected to be available soon. It allows users to practice speaking in social, educational and public speaking environments.

The simulation includes a job interview office, cocktail reception, restaurant dinner, keynote speech, essay defense, tutor and professor lecture preparation, foreign language practice, wedding speech, investor voting and court expert witness preparation.

More coming

Olga Peshe, the company’s chief academic officer, told Hypergrid Business , “We will not only have new courses and places to practice, but we will transform it from a public speaking simulator to a comprehensive communications platform .

Program features include press conference rooms, wedding kiosks and interactive public speaking exercises.

There are also plans to increase the ability of users to share their presentations and audio tracks online, practice with professional voice coaches, invite people to listen to their presentations, and host events for friends and colleagues.

Three: fearless

Samsung’s BeFearless , free for Gear VR, was launched last year to help individuals practice public speaking using the $99 Gear VR headset. Like a virtual speaker, it simulates a variety of audience types, allowing users to practice presentations and presentations, but at a significantly lower cost.

The software itself is based on the development of Yonsei University ‘s Jiangnan Severance Hospital in South Korea, which shows that virtual reality is as high as 90% of the fear and anxiety of cultivating public speech.

Samsung itself has also conducted a series of tests to test participants to improve their public speaking and presentation skills.

The app offers three training options and public choices – school settings, office settings and business meetings. The app also includes tests that lead to higher levels.

The app is also compatible with the Gear Manager of the Samsung Gear S smartwatch , which can be used to measure heart rate to make the assessment more accurate.

Four: public speech VR

The public speaking VR app from Virtual Speech is free for Android , iOS and Gear VR .

The virtual environment includes a small meeting room and a large auditorium with more than 400 capacity, with a dynamic audience and noise.

Users can also select audiences from different regions, such as the US and UK, and upload their own presentation slides.

Their company will soon join a TedTalk Room, a 360-degree VR training room and a job interview simulator.

Five: Public speaking simulator VR

AncientC ‘s Public Presentation Simulator VR for iOS , Android and Oculus platforms is a lightweight alternative to other applications on the list.

The app is a simple office setup simulation. The size of the audience can be adjusted and the user can turn on friendly and unfriendly sounds.


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